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Wednesday, February 14, 2018 1:00 am

Reaction to Long's retirement

Journal Gazette

The following are excerpts from numerous statements released Tuesday in response to Sen. Dave Long's retirement announcement. 

“Over the last 13 years that I have been involved in the Indiana General Assembly, Senator Long has been a true friend and great mentor. David's collaborative approach and leadership on countless initiatives has made a positive impact for the future of our state. As President of the Senate, I will certainly miss him in the Senate chamber and I wish him all the best in the future.”

– Lt. Gov. Suzanne Crouch 

“Amanda and I are proud to call David Long a friend, and we were both honored to serve with him in the Indiana State Senate. During my time at the Statehouse, I learned so much from Senator Long, and in my new role in Congress, I am constantly reminded of lessons I learned from him when we served together. Under his transformational leadership, our state enacted sweeping education reforms, balanced the budget, delivered historic tax cuts, advanced the cause of life and passed right-to-work legislation. Senator Long is the best leader from northeast Indiana in a generation. I deeply appreciate his incredible record of accomplishment during his 22 years in public service, and I wish him and his family the very best in the years to come.”

– U.S. Rep. Jim Banks, 3rd District 

“I have known Senator Long throughout all of my years serving in the Indiana Senate. He has always been a true gentleman, a great legislator for his district, and a fair leader in the Senate.

“Although Sen. Long and I have debated our differences on many policy issues facing the State of Indiana over the years, we have remained friends and great colleagues. I have nothing but respect for Sen. Long and his many years of service to our state. 

– Senate Democratic Leader Tim Lanane, Anderson 

“Through over 20 years of public service at the Statehouse and more than a decade as the Senate's leader, David Long has played a critical role in transforming Indiana from a middle-of-the-pack state into a national example of great government.

“Under Senator Long's leadership, balanced budgets and fiscal responsibility have been a cornerstone of responsible government in Indiana. Today, Indiana is a top-ranked state for everything from business to cost of living, and Senator Long has been a key leader making all of this success possible.

“Senator Long has helped Indiana take bold action on the defining issues facing our state in recent years, from across-the-board tax reform – helping set the stage for federal tax reform – to providing more health care coverage options for Hoosiers in need. Just last year, Senator Long helped deliver to Hoosiers a fully-funded infrastructure plan that will be benefit our state for generations to come. 

– Kyle Hupfer, chairman, Indiana Republican Party 

“Senator David Long has been a mentor of mine for many years, dating back to my time as Allen County auditor. In 2016, when the opportunity to become State Auditor arose, he was one of the first calls I made. I want to thank him for his leadership in the Senate and for his friendship. His ability to bring all people together in order to achieve progress for Indiana is unparalleled and will be missed. The State Auditor's office and my family wish David and Melissa all the best.”

– Tera Klutz, state auditor

“We honored Sen. Long as one of our Government Leaders of the Year in 2011, but there are any number of other times in which he could have received similar recognition. But it was never about accolades or taking the credit for Sen. Long. He has been a true public servant, one whose positive impact will be felt by Hoosiers for generations to come.”

– Kevin Brinegar, Indiana Chamber president and CEO