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  • Photos by Rachel Von | The Journal Gazette Teila Adams checks out books and other items available for sale by vendor Mystic Forest during the Healing Body and Spirit Psychic Expo at Grand Wayne Center on Sunday.  

  • Vendor Laura Berlin of “Ask Laura Spiritual Counselor” gives Karen Veach a smell of a sage-cedar-lemongrass smudge spray.

Monday, August 07, 2017 1:00 am

Psychic expo returns to Grand Wayne

Visiting a 'spiritual community'

ASHLEY SLOBODA | The Journal Gazette

As people received personal psychic readings in Grand Wayne Center's ballroom Sunday, medium Adrianna Lesniak wandered among those seated in a nearby meeting room, sharing messages from, as she called it, the other side.

“There's nothing scary about this,” she said, indicating there were many people who wanted to come through and talk.

Lesniak was one of more than a dozen speakers during the two-day Healing Body and Spirit Psychic Expo, an event also held in two Michigan cities, Grand Rapids (Oct. 15-16) and Kalamazoo (March 24-25, 2018).

Event promoter John Stephan described the weekend as fantastic, with attendance surpassing last year's, when the expo premiered in Fort Wayne.

“What a great spiritual community this is, Fort Wayne,” the Kalamazoo resident said.

Various reasons attract people to the event, he said. Some are spiritual and want to be among like-minded, he said, and others come because they are curious or skeptical, which is OK.

Stephan, whose wife is clairvoyant, pointed to the mission statement on the back of the program. It states the aim to create venues where people can experience healing and awareness and provide knowledge in a “joyful judgment-free zone.”

The dozens of exhibitors included those offering past life readings, tarot readings, Chinese face readings and personal energy portraits.

“The psychics here are great,” said Bridget Conliff as she waited to redeem a door prize at one booth.

This was the second year the Wabash resident got a reading from Lynda Forbes, whom she described as thorough.

“She covers everything,” Conliff said.

Readings can give people knowledge and information, Stephan said, and can help identify talents and abilities people didn't know they had.

“If you have a great reading, it can be life-changing,” he said.

Inside the meeting room, Lesniak approached several audience members with messages – usually from relatives – that included advice for one woman to “watch your tires” and encouragement for a man to “connect family together.”

She sensed sadness or loss around one person and romance in a woman's future, with marriage happening sooner than she expects.

And, for Manny Jimenez, she asked whether he was thinking of starting a business.

“He's been wanting to for years,” his girlfriend, Bethanie Morken of Fort Wayne said afterward.