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Tuesday, May 22, 2018 1:00 am

Divorce filings

Allen Circuit Court

Reust – Gary L. and Wendy L

Casiano – Alejandro Walker and Kirstin Kay

Noonan – Patrick and Claire

Crance – Marcus and Vanessa Amey

Banet – Crystal and Daniel A. Steffes

Donovan – Inga and Steven P.

Boxell – Alicia Marie and Jason Duane

Hall – Tiffany D. and Hachim A. Ibrahim

Wolfenberger – Devin and Pearl

Wiard – Jason B. and Mary M.

Lowe – Danielle Lynn and Dwan Savyon

Jones – Brandon Allen and Khatrina Rene

Unverzagt – Melinda and Tara

Htun – Nathasha Renee and Arkar Myint

Nelson – Elliott and Samara Fuentes

DeLong – Zachary E. and April C.

Allen Superior Court

Spraggins – Terrence and Jennifer

Hanks – Ailissa M. and Darwin L. G.

Buis – Abby Gale and Nicholas L.

Buhl – Heidi and Trent

Carroll – Julie A. and Douglas W.

Chapman – Constance Marlene and Jason Roy

Ponce – Veronica K. and Elias Ponce

Waggoner – Amy E. and Mark A.

Banter – Dedria and Olatunji Biobaku

Striker – Kaitlin and Nathan

Mesaros – Vicki L. and James R.

Vandall – Rebecca L. and Richard A. Jr.

Jessop – John Michael and Sandra E.

Carney – Shauna and Mitchell

Krallman – Katrina and Donald Dean Jr.

Miller – Jennifer and Kenneth

Goheen – James J. IlI and Jennifer Ousley

Harris – Chane and Cherelle

Whitworth – Laura R. and Thomas W.

Rettig – Susan R. and Todd A.

Divorce filings are provided by the Allen County Clerk's Office. For information on listings, call Terri Richardson, 461-8304 or email