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Tuesday, May 08, 2018 1:00 am

Divorce filings

Allen Circuit Court

Anderson – Stephanie G. and Martin

Knoop – Lauren L. and Benjamin P.

Dominguez – Martha and Victor M.

Edwards – Stephanie Lynn and Leslie Neal Sterling

Johnson – Dominque Lorene and Anthony Lamar Jordan

Surine – Michelle Renee and Donald Roger Surine

Lee – William and Brandie

Brockhaus – Mark Jr. and Toni M.

Jones – Michael A. and Kimberley E.

Warner – Eugenia K. and Darryl Lee

Blessing – Peggy LeAnn and Bryan Daniel

Main – Joseph F. and Jonda DeAnna

Ferguson – Cheryl L. and Bruce H.

Thompson – Paige LaVonne and Lafayette IV

Doughty – Kunta and Tia

Covey – Rosalba and Jon E.

Burns – Jeffrey H. and Catherine R.

Martz – Jessica and John Ehler

Davis – Angela K. and Michael V.

Bultemeier – Elizabeth M. and Joel V.

Monday – Rachel and John

Baxter – Seth and Ashley

McLaughlin – Matthew P. and Teresa A.

Veatch – Marie L. and Gregory L.

Niemeyer – Stephanie Danielle and Larry Lee Hicks

Sullivan – Christi M. and Darren P.

Allen – Erik W. Jr. and Sonya

Martinez – Dollie B. and Jesus H.

Rahe – Curtis Eugene and Vicki DeEtta

Allen Superior Court

Gaspar – Christina and Daniel Sr.

Jones-Brooks – Danielle Monique and Alvin Winston Brooks Jr.

Covic – Azret and Albina

Herrera – Esther and Epimenio

Keh – Maung Ya and Hakiya Be

Acosta – Brandi Marie and Adrian Maurice

Chaney – Carmelita T. and Richard A.

Chew – Casey R. F. and Erica L.

Kelso – Olivia Marie and Wynton James

Martin – Jeremy and Maria

Muncie – Kimberly L. and Eddy

Neuhaus – Suzanne and Michael

Khang – Moe and Ye Htut Naing

Bonar – Cora Dawn and Zachary Scott Sr.

McGowen – Crystal and Brian

Krleski – Brandi and Petre

Love-Jacobson – Catherine and Richard Herman

Malfait – Miranda and Colin

Wittkamper – Britiny Leanne and Austin Jeffrey

Alvarez-Medoza – Tierra and Luis Alberto

Allen – Melissa and James I. Jr.

Jones – Heather and Alexander

Snyder – Susan S. and Bradley M.

Woods – ShaQuetta and Devlyn Williams

Frisch – Donald Lee and Angelia Christine Smith Frisch

Strausborger – Taya L. and Thomas

Bowling – Anna Gloria and Charles Stephan

Hunt – Jerry Darnell and Patricia Elaine


Divorce filings are provided by the Allen County Clerk's Office. For information on listings, call Terri Richardson, 461-8304 or email