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Tuesday, August 08, 2017 1:00 am

Divorce filings

Allen Circuit Court

Barcus – Julie Ann and Travis John

Beavers – David Michael and Regina Faye

Napier – Jacquelyn A. and Milton B. Thomas

Kinnie – Gus and Kristen

Jamili – Carley F. and Justin W.

Klinkenberg – Dalton Reid and Lisa

Bissell – Summer and Timothy

Ray – Amita G. and Sidhartha D.

Lymon – Andra and Angela

Blumenschein – Brea and Coty Denny

Doh – Josephine and Sar

Jones – Tamekia and Leonard

Smekens – Michelle I. and Dean W.

Tolbert – James Edwin and Hilda Cortez

Rader – Brandi and Sheronda

Abreu – Marie Guadalupe and Lisandro Abreu de la Cruz

DeCicco – Nicole and Zachary Joseph

Koenemann – Anita M. and Richard L.

Heath – James M. and Christine A.

Sanchez – Gloria and Saturnino Parra

Smith – Merle D. and Ashlyn B.

Smith – John L. and Cathy A.

Spaulding – Paul and Bertha

Steele – Julie A. and Remington J.

Sanchez – Dina Ester and Jose Romeo Sanchez Alvarez

Bentrup – Kali and Ryan

Baker – Aimee Sue and Michael William

Turner – Victoria Lynn and Benjamin Jacob Tyler

Walker – Kyle Steven and Mercy Renee

Smith – Faith Ann and Charles Gordan

Zerler – Britanie and Cody

Sroka – Aubrey and Martin

Rooney – Molly B. and Timothy

Krieger – Kelly L. and Jordan R.

Carrillo – Dana and Carlos

Andrews – David and Taylor J. Sikorski

Smith – Jason Eric and Reva Mae

Nix – Edward F. and Marcia A.

Chandler – Rhonda Jo and Sidney

Thwaites – Jade Ann and John Allen III

Badders – Keith C. and Kimberly S.

Kaur – Navjoth and Jagjeet Singh

Hughes – Vaughn and Linda

McKinney – Tammy Lynette and Roosevelt Jr.

Allen Superior Court

Djurdjevich – John R. and Tina L.

Smith – Alisha MS and William G.

Underwood – Laura L. and Matthew T.

Ortiz – Laura M. and Luis M.

Smith – Stacy Nicole and Gregory Gene Jr.

Ward – Natasha and Sarah Bendixon

Whatley – Tocarra and Terrell Brown

Blair – Joel and Jaime

Nelson – Aaron D. and Ginger

Galdamez – Jose David Peraza and Teresa Trinidad Lopez

Smith – Kristi Jean and Brian Daniel

Serres – George M. and Jamie L.

Herrera – Shelly Jean and Walter Orlando

Brokaw – Athena W. and Matthew Carl

Fowler – Anna M. and Jason P.

Masoner – Amber and Ryan Sr.

Krauhs – Debora and Kim

Smith – Russell Allen and Mauricio Andrade Santana

Schafer – Royce G. and Nayata Lewis

Lara – Graciela and Emiliano Echeverry

Espinoza – Zulidy Isabel and Eric Omar

Nelson – Chelsea D. and Matthew C.

Hernandez – Jennifer and Otto Joel Hernandez Ortiz

Weides – Amber and Nathan

Maze – Anthony D. and Vera

Odompley – Teyekwor Abla Senam and Michael Ernest McDaniel

Divorce filings are provided by the Allen County Clerk's Office. For information on listings, call Terri Richardson, 461-8304 or email