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Tuesday, May 16, 2017 1:00 am

Divorce filings

Allen Circuit Court

Fisher – Shaun and Trisha

Bone – Bryan and Megan

Esslinger – Aaron I. and Amy R.

Perez – Jesse Andrew and Agatha

Neuhouser – Mindy and David A.

Wobler – Katrina Chantel and Shayne Michael

Luna – Phillip F. and Natasha

Trevino – Anthony and Melinda

Helm – Cindy A. and Terry A.

Harris – Mindy and Warren

Stephens – Javonuna and DeYante

Campbell – Evelyn E. and Donald R.

Menier – Paul Howard IV and Belinda Jean

Cross – Renee D. and Kenneth L.

Carr – Scott Alan and Tiffany Lynn

Klingenberger – Betsy A. and Thomas J.

Wolf – Fifi and Joshua

Mathieu – Christopher Todd and Jennifer Shawn

Allen Superior Court

Smith – Melissa Kay and Travis Coe

Walker – Brenda Nicole and Timothy Eric

Ramer – Melissa Ann and Eric John

Rouse – Sheri Kay and Robert Lee

Little – Blaine and Aaron

Papke – Nathan A. and Elizabeth E. Reitz

Schooley – Gondilina V. and Oliver K. Wolfe

Kuria – Margaret and Elias Smith

Williams – Reggie B. and Jessica S.

Goeglein – Courtney B. and James T.

Sustek – Lori A. and Steven M.

Day – Sasha Leena and Travis

Hambrick – Mindy S. and Kevin A.

Hren – Cami and Joshua N.

Young – Angela and Christopher

Kroemer – Stephan J. and Toni M.

Drinnon – Brandon and Lindsay

Arroyo – David and Kim Marie

Eichorn – Tiffany and Andrew

Ferdinand – Joseph and Kaneisha R. Lewis

Smith – Casey A. and Destinee N. Todoroff

Guingrich – Sherry and Robert Omer

Saalfrank – Douglas and Heidi

Divorce filings are provided by the Allen County Clerk's Office. For information on listings, call Terri Richardson, 461-8304 or email