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Sunday, February 10, 2019 1:00 am

Weddings catering to couples' personality


From custom-crafted invitations and full olfactory experiences, to colorful smoke bomb exits and unexpected live entertainment, wedding guests will be immersed in memorable moments to talk about and share.

Here are nine wedding trends the Knot, an online wedding resource, predicts for 2019:

Invitations unboxed. The wedding invitation gives guests a first impression of the fête ahead. Couples are using the invitations to make a bold statement about their upcoming celebration, sending everything from uniquely crafted boxed correspondence to custom video messages. Typography is leading the charge as the chicest design detail in invitations, along with handcrafted illustrations, both of which are often incorporated into the wedding day décor as well. The cost of over-the-top invitations can quickly add up, but couples are playing it smart by inviting fewer guests and using tools like digital RSVPs on their personal wedding websites.

Olfactory experience. The new way to brand your wedding can't be seen – it must be smelled. Custom blends of perfumes and essential oils are crafted especially for the occasion: They're spritzed on invites, pumped through the venue, and even gifted in candle form as a party favor. 

Moody hues and iridescent décor. The steady return to color continues, this year with uber-saturated hues in a moody palette – think: squid ink, midnight blue, emerald and rich burgundy, regardless of the season. Dark hues offer a rich look, add depth and pair perfectly with natural textures often found in foliage and florals. Beloved metallics aren't going anywhere, but they are being upstaged by iridescent detailing.

Eats with a twist. Think of this edible detail as the ultimate high-low mix: root beer floats in Champagne flutes, or mac and cheese spoons topped with fresh lobster. And watch out doughnuts, there's a new sweet in town – cinnamon rolls are taking center stage as a favorite dessert option.

Bespoke attire for him, regal gowns and details for her. Pageantry in fashion reigns. Tiaras and headbands are big, along with minimalistic dresses a la Meghan Markle's second look. Regal capes and capelets, billowy sleeves and blinged out dresses are also making their way down runways and aisles. For the groom? Two words: custom suit.

Jewelry with a life of its own. All hail the new flower crown: real blooming jewelry. Blooming bib necklaces, succulent cuffs and elegant orchid drop earrings are trending. Real florals as jewelry are supplementing customary bouquets and making an exceptional style statement.

Registry without restriction. It's not just the wedding celebration that's reflective of a couple's personality and lifestyle. Look to their registry to get a glimpse of who they are, what they value and what their future plans may hold. There's no limit to what can be added to the registry: From cooking and bakeware for the foodies, obscure vinyl records for the music lovers and charity registries for couples who want to give back, to cash funds for future purchases like a new home or puppy and samurai sword lessons for their honeymoon to Japan. 

The cake is a work of art. Wedding cakes are here to stay – couples still love the tradition of cutting their cakes and sharing a sweet bite with one another – but the look is evolving. Sculptural is the name of the game, with couples hiring pro cake bakers to create unexpected shapes and varying sized tiers – so much so, it's hard to tell if they're wedding cakes or art installations. Many cakes are finished with stunning designs rich in color and texture for added effect.

Making an exit (or an entrance!). Sparklers, make way for the new kid in town: smoke bombs. Match the smoke to your wedding hues or opt for a standout rainbow backdrop as you leave your ceremony or enter your reception. Why so early? There are no rules surrounding grand exits and entrances any longer, plus this wow-moment is best captured on camera during daylight hours. Couples are also booking surprising entertainment elements for their ceremony exits to give guests a memorable experience before the reception begins, like bagpipes or mariachi bands.