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Tuesday, October 09, 2018 1:00 am

Readers share photos of pets' getups

Journal Gazette

Readers shared photos of their pets in Halloween costumes.


Max, a ragdoll/Siamese, is owned by Diane Current of Fort Wayne. Current says by email that Max is “so laid back, I wondered how he would react to being dressed for Halloween. As I figured, he didn't care. He walked around all day with the serape on. ... I tried to dress his brother Murphy, but Murph is super sensitive and wanted nothing to do with a costume.”

Better Things

Mary Cahill of Fort Wayne sent a photo of Chipper, a long-haired Chihuahua and Joba, a Pomeranian, dressed as Dr. Seuss' Thing One and Thing Two. “Our family is really into costumes and dressing up,” she says by email. “I also do the costumes for Bishop Dwenger's fundraiser, Saints Alive. These 'Thing One and Thing Two' costumes were tricky because I had to sew small wigs for them. Joba hated his wig, but Chipper just went along with it. I recall turning down a lunch invitation because I had to 'finish sewing my dog wigs!'”

Cat cowboy

Denise Watkins of Pierceton dressed her cat Cooper as a cowboy. “I've always loved Halloween, and while never having kids of my own, had thousands under my wing as an art teacher (retired) in Fort Wayne and loved sharing the joy with them,” she says by email. “I have always dressed up our pets and fortunately, they've gone along with it or could at least be bribed.”


Fort Wayne's Mike Smith's pet, Louie, is ready for Halloween in his squirrel costume.

Wigging out

Hudson, a Havanese owned by Bill and Kay Bailey of Fort Wayne, dons a Halloween wig.