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Saturday, August 12, 2017 1:00 am

Marriage licenses

Ashley M. Teekaram and Naeem Fekun Husain

Kendra Monique Maydwell and Larry Darnell Childs

Taylor Henderson and Colby Easton Flye

Anne Meredith Schroeder and William Krafsig

Autumn R. Dennis and Charles M. Law Jr.

Cherie Louise Wright and James Anthony Burke

Austin Michael Hiatt and Elizabeth Brooks-Smyser

Callie Stockman and Eric Hanes

Fredy Leonardo Quito and Jannet Bautista

Henry Underwood and Christina Marie Vance

Kacie Lee Shaw and Kyle Krotzer

Christine Marie Fisher and Nicholas John Foltz

Nicole Marie Martino and Michael Ziner

Arnetta Marie Dukes and Derrick Robert Ervin Sr.

Jah'Shar La'Nae Hardy and Jamar Terrell Brown

Olivia Faith Wood and Joel Workman

April Lynn Bean and Rodolfo Mares

Kendra Ellen Redder and Kenneth John Sinak

Sujinda Jaisa-Ard and Chi Nguyen

Gordon Bruce Dean Harris and Alexis Jane Joles

Brendan William McCarel and Maria Abdul Ayers

Austin Wyss and Kimberly Mary Malone

Kelly Irene Dykes and Andrew Arlen Baumert

Stephanie Shady and Adam Dennis

Elizabeth Hope Forbes and Ryan John Link

Gustavo Alberto Gonzalez and Xiomara Nohemi Carrillo

Morgan K. Briede and Marc J. Frey

Darvis Jermaine Dufor and Serena Trinette Ingram

Jason Van Buskirk and Shannon Floor

Jessi Faith Rex and Darrin Dean Klopp

Brittany Leigh Faylor and Jacob Paul Lepper

Samantha Jo Thacker and Paul Anibal Pulliam

Tammy Johnson and Bruce Talarico

Daniel James Schmidt and Lyndsey Renee Havener

Ignacio Hernandez and Jessica Elaine Harman

Tracy Ellen Yeager and Marc Alan Krouse

Ashley Linn Jylland-Hade and Seth Donald Baxter

Samantha Jade Pickett and Jonathon David Glover

Tyler Lindholm and Sarah Langlois

Kelsie Lee Murray and Jose Manuel Godoy Patino

Christene Dianna Daniels and James Clarence Ferguson

Alfred Woodbell and Shyra Yvonne Green

Dan Scott Saillant and Kelly Ann Harber

Daniel Charles Copeland and Andrea Martine Hatfield

Woodrow Joseph Kline and Haley Stephenson

Nicole Rachel Warren and Christopher L. Bruner

Jason Allen O'Grady and Jillian June Hartman

Kirsten Elayne Hoham and Brett Thomas Moravec

Taylor Anna Puitz and Dale Joseph Frecker

Parker James Crosby and Natalie Carr Weese

Joe Marable and Latoya Gaines

Kamran Mian Waheed and Sylvia Ann Carmichael

Kateryna Kaminska and Teddy Mekianov

Christina Kay Banks and Derek Bernard Veazy

Stuart Schnelker and Allison Louise Wood

Michael James Williams and Sue Marie Frato

Dekota Royal and Laura Valladres Rivera

Stella Marie Lindus and Steven Stackhouse

Kara Beth Schlemmer and Kyle Lee Carter

Megan Kathleen Elkins and Daniel Thomas Anker

Joseph Alexander Intriago and Maria Florencia Fuciarelli

Aimee Renee Rine and Charles Edward Smith

Batonica K. Jackson and Anderson Tembo

Marriage license filings are provided by the Allen County Clerk's Office. For information on listings, call Terri Richardson at 461-8304 or email