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Sunday, September 10, 2017 1:00 am

Music Review: Tom Brosseau

'Treasures Untold' Tom Brosseau

A character in a Tom Brosseau song doesn't just cry – he wipes his eyes with his tie. Such details magnify the beauty in Brosseau's precise performing style.

The wonderfully quirky North Dakota singer-songwriter goes live on “Treasures Untold,” and the show's pace is unhurried from the start, with lengthy silence between songs contributing to the reflective mood.

There's a lengthy, typically eclectic acoustic guitar intro. The set showcases Brosseau's spartan, deceptively accomplished playing.

Then comes his high tenor, an intimate and inviting instrument that makes a listener lean forward. At times Brosseau sings a cappella, or accompanies himself with a single plucked string, and he has a first-class hum.

Original tunes are mixed with well-chosen covers by such heavyweights as Hank Williams, A.P. Carter and Jimmie Rodgers. Brosseau sings of misplaced trust, eternal damnation and love at first sight. There's also a nod to Indian food.

– Steven Wine, Associated Press