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  • Courtesy Fort Wayne band Overseas Love Crisis will perform next week at Skeletunes Lounge.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017 10:30 am

Spotlight: Overseas Love Crisis

COREY MCMAKEN | The Journal Gazette

Fort Wayne punk group Overseas Love Crisis with Chase Keen, Brett Welch, Blake Jones and Ben Schnitz has been together since 2015.

The band released its first full EP in October and an acoustic album, "Peruvian," earlier this month. OLC is part of the lineup Thursday at Skeletunes Lounge, 1201 W. Main St. Tickets to the 9 p.m. show are $5. The venue is 21 and older.

The band answered some questions via email. Responses have been edited.

Q. Why keep Fort Wayne as your home base? Any thoughts of heading to a city with a larger concentration of music producers and studios?

Brett Welch, lead guitars: So far, we've wanted to work in the city that we're all living in. There's a great music scene here that a lot of people just have no idea exists right now, and we feel like we are a small but exciting part of that movement here. Down the road, of course, we are open to moving this project as far as it goes, and if that means moving to a bigger music hub to make a name for ourselves, we can always open that discussion up. We've found a lot of really fantastic bands, musicians, and venues here in town, and we'll always call Fort Wayne our musical home.

Q. Aside from copies of your current music, what would you put in a time capsule to be opened in 30 years? What do you hope Overseas Love Crisis will have to add to the time capsule then?

Ben Schnitz, drums: In 30 years, you'll open up that time capsule and find without a doubt: zebra cakes, flashy colored converse shoes, Domino's pizza coupons, and empty energy drink cans. Pretty much sums up OLC.

Q. There's this writing phrase, "kill your darlings," which means that sometimes you have to get rid of lines that you really love because they just don't work in the finished piece. Is there a lyric that you've loved when creating a song that you just couldn't make work in the final product?

Charles Keen, vocals and guitars: I absolutely have lines that I just can't quite squeeze into a song. I probably have hundreds of single lines written down in both my phone and my notebooks, and I look at the lines thinking wow that would be killer! And then there's nothing else on the page for months. I always like to use everything I have though, so at some point it's coming out.

Q. As a relatively new group, you're trying to build a larger audience. Does that influence what you write and perform?

Blake Jones, bass: A lot of our songs get little additions just out of consideration for our audiences. We keep the high energy to demand attention, but we also keep our music groovy because we love to get people up and dancing. And we throw other instruments like the trumpet in whenever we can, purely because it's awesome.

Q. If you had to eat a worm (like, you have no choice because it's the only cure to a zombie plague or something), how would you cook it? Or do you just let the zombies have you?

A. As for the worms, and this took a while to debate, we decided we would toss them in olive oil before we cook them in the skillet for a few minutes, since otherwise they'd just dry up, right? Season with lemon, pepper, and garlic. Serve warm, top with creme fraiche and seasonal vegetable mix.

To hear some of the band's music, go to