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The Journal Gazette

Sunday, June 17, 2018 1:00 am


Journal Gazette

Recent filings for bankruptcy protection in northeast Indiana. The list includes all business bankruptcies, as well as personal bankruptcies in which liabilities exceed $100,000. Except where noted, filings fall under Chapter 7, usually leading to liquidation of assets.

Helen Charlene Krauss, Decatur. Debt: $112,292. Assets: $32,881.88.

Jesse M. Toombs, 3550 Sandpoint Road, Fort Wayne. Debt: $108,023.07. Assets: $98,125.

Kirt William Keesler, 9924 Washington St., Leo. Chapter 13. Debt: $173,812. Assets: $184,480.44.

Horia and Bobbie Jo Malutan, 593 Revere Place, Fort Wayne. Debt: $112,393. Assets: $10,000.

Christian Taylor and Dakota Otis, Columbia City. Debt: $174,381. Assets: $103,381.

Tricia Lynn McKenna, 9006 Brickshire Parkway, Fort Wayne. Chapter 13. Debt: $453,389.06. Assets: $227,360.

Brandon Edward and Aurelia Kae Andrus, 7330 Kensington Drive, Fort Wayne. Debt: $101,744. Assets: $37,310.

Pamela Kay Hadley, formerly dba Candle Gallery, 2122 Point West Drive, Apt. 3B, Fort Wayne. Debt: $125,277. Assets: $4,356.