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The Journal Gazette

Sunday, February 25, 2018 1:00 am


Journal Gazette

Following are recent filings for bankruptcy protection in northeast Indiana. The list includes all business bankruptcies, as well as personal bankruptcies in which liabilities exceed $100,000. Except where noted, the filings fall under Chapter 7, which usually leads to a liquidation of assets.

Jeffrey Dale and Constance Joan McFarland, 9715 Knoll Creek Cove, Fort Wayne. Debt: $161,737. Assets: $166,221.

Chanell L. Easterly, 3934 Whitfield Chase, Fort Wayne. Debt: $219,094.07. Assets: $2,900.

David E. Pfister, Integrity Sales & Service Inc., Bull Rapids LP, 14435 Leo Road, Fort Wayne. Debt: $4,506,460. Assets: $1,801.

Eric N. and Mary R. Langlois, 3309 Inwood Drive, Fort Wayne. Debt: $125,701.65. Assets: $13,860.50.

Andrew J. and Lindsay L. Rorick, 103 N. Rufus St., New Haven. Debt: $161,920.82. Assets: $75,190.

Jamie A. and Karen A. Chaney, 4064 Cadena Lane, Fort Wayne. Debt: $100,001 to $500,000. Assets: Zero to $50,000.

Montajab Saad Abouhalkah, 6026 Landover Place, Fort Wayne. Chapter 13. Debt: $186,312. Assets: $143,545.

Robert Alford Wren, Hudson. Debt: $190,250. Assets: $84,600.

Michael A. McDonald, Garrett. Chapter 13. Debt: $136,252.91. Assets: $133,959.21.

Andrew James and Vicki Sue Muncie, Huntington. Debt: $247,250. Assets: $176,852.93.