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The Journal Gazette

Sunday, October 01, 2017 1:00 am


Journal Gazette

Following are recent filings for bankruptcy protection in northeast Indiana. The list includes all business bankruptcies, as well as personal bankruptcies in which liabilities exceed $100,000. Except where noted, the filings fall under Chapter 7, which usually leads to a liquidation of assets.

Rebecca M. Renner, 1724 Andrew St., Fort Wayne. Debt: $106,369. Assets: $125,302.

Randolph and Linda L. Patrick, 7322 Capri Drive, Fort Wayne. Debt: $102,392. Debt: $93,359.49.

Eric E. Campbell, 6903 Pointe Inverness Way, Fort Wayne. Debt: $138,603.18. Assets: $10,342.

April Shonnette Smith, 7611 Lakeridge Drive, Fort Wayne. Debt: $104,928. Assets: $12,450.

Aaron Fabian Wells, Ossian. Debt: $111,253. Assets: $91,557.

Joshua L. and Abigail A. Garrison, 4025 Carl St., Woodburn. Chapter 11. Debt: $124,311.10 Assets: $14,305.

Donnie H. and Allegra M. Melvin, Albion. Chapter 13. Debt: $216,832.27. Assets: $248,590.

Robert J. and Vicky L. Runion, 5567 N. Clinton St., Fort Wayne. Debt: $104,725.22. Assets: $21,710.

Timothy Mark and Jennifer Lee Miller, 523 Lexington Ave., Fort Wayne. Debt: $136,817. Assets: $87,676.

Brittany L. Gower and Julie Stetzel, Huntington. Chapter 13. Debt: $187,195.56. Assets: $137,850.

Anthony James Gladieux, Kendallville, Angela Sue Gladieux, Pleasant Lake. Debt: $223,808.11. Assets: $6,913.24.

Joseph L. and Kaye Davis Libby, 10343 Calverton Pass, Fort Wayne. Debt: $274,000.40. Assets: $58,450.

David Stanley and Marcella Joann Haage, Bluffton. Chapter 13. Debt: $158,702. Assets: $7,031.

Jelani Earl Robinson, 416 Englewood Court, Fort Wayne. Debt: $121,567.09. Assets: $91,607.

Eric Kristjen Thompson, 3930 Nantucket Drive, Fort Wayne. Debt: $177,201. Assets: $24,050.

Robert Arthur and Cathy June Dancer, 6715 Quail Ridge Lane, Fort Wayne. Debt: $172,284. Assets: $137,150.

Sandra J. Benedict, 15006 Hunters Lane, Huntertown. Debt: $113,017.97. Assets: $84,445.

Timothy Lee and Peggy Marie Fry, Decatur. Debt: $171,530. Assets: $143,263.48.

Brandi Lynn Blount, Fremont. Chapter 13. Debt: $167,936.70. Assets: $125,102.30.

Richard and Tracy Bunn II, Albion. Debt: $135,544.77. Assets: $93,925.

Kevin P. Amorini, 11022 Cedar Trail, Fort Wayne. Debt: $1,031,559.73. Assets: $339,850.