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Sunday, May 14, 2017 1:00 am


Journal Gazette

Following are recent filings for bankruptcy protection in northeast Indiana. The list includes all business bankruptcies, as well as personal bankruptcies in which liabilities exceed $100,000. Except where noted, the filings fall under Chapter 7, which usually leads to a liquidation of assets.

Camilynn Elizabeth Schnelker, 15629 Twin Willow Drive, Huntertown. Debt: $152,470. Assets: $146,750.

Samuel L. Garcia and Damian P. Mitchell, 933 W. Oakdale Drive, Fort Wayne. Debt: $180,839. Assets: $121,500.

Philip A. and Joni E. Horton, Ossian. Debt: $127,016.45. Assets: $99,600.

Gregory Alan Balogh II, 3707 Utah Drive, Fort Wayne. Debt: $149,034. Assets: $260,450.

Bobby Joe and Robinanne Gentry, Kendallville. Debt: $135,608. Assets: $12,900.

Kimberly Ann Osbun, Butler. Debt: $213,837.04. Assets: $101,543.

Jack Eugene McKee Jr., Huntington. Debt: $136,764.66. Assets: $121,672.75

Yvonne Lee Dyer, 2723 Northgate Blvd. Apt. 7, Fort Wayne. Debt: $205,879.23. Assets: $48,000.

Jeffrey L. Galo, Huntington. Debt: $111,993.36. Assets: $85,581.07.

Tony L. Eberly, 13519 Paperbark Trail, Fort Wayne. Debt: $321,758.41. Assets: $5,943.

Tara M. Price, 1162 Nuttman Ave., Fort Wayne. Debt: $139,103. Assets: $81,400.

Kenneth Jeffrey and Vanessa Ernstine Steele, Columbia City. Debt: $164,301.06. Assets: $181,950.

Timothy C. Jackson II, 2938 Canterbury Blvd., Fort Wayne. Chapter 13. Debt: $191,636.20. Assets: $31,400.

Jeremy R. Orr, 3907 Parkside Drive, Fort Wayne. Debt: $172,608. Assets: $142,850.

Jeffrey S. Kumfer, 5233 Woodway Drive, Fort Wayne. Debt: $115,502.04. Assets: $15,705.15.

Nicholas W. Reynolds, 8310 Park State Drive, Fort Wayne. Debt: $121,092.67. Assets: $80,795.05.

Robert Vernon Cook, Avilla. Debt: $174,750. Assets: $131,270.

Kayla Ann Hesselschwardt, 6711 Hunters Glen Drive, Fort Wayne. Debt: $105,942. Assets: $100,420.90.

Scott James and Gillian Rae Oliver, 9108 Brickshire Parkway, Fort Wayne. Debt: $227,850. Assets: $161,005.