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The Journal Gazette

Sunday, April 30, 2017 1:00 am


Journal Gazette

Following are recent filings for bankruptcy protection in northeast Indiana. The list includes all business bankruptcies, as well as personal bankruptcies in which liabilities exceed $100,000. Except where noted, the filings fall under Chapter 7, which usually leads to a liquidation of assets.

Craig Allan and Jennifer Lynn Shopoff, 353 Hillside Ave., Roanoke. Debt: $218,158. Assets: $299,200.

Jeremey R. Houser, 6606 Wood Rim Run, Fort Wayne. Chapter 13. Debt: $147,984.97. Assets: $84,031.03.

David Dean and Cecelia Ann Grimes, Angola. Debt: $111,165.80. Assets: $67,437.97.

Cynthia Hontz, Kimmell. Chapter 13. Debt: $153,748.53. Assets: $158,350.

Jerome Artis and Stacy Ann Williams Jr., 6110 Chateau Place, Fort Wayne. Debt: $199,570. Assets: $125,550.

Santiago Ramon and Lisa Michelle Orta, 1637 Winters Road, Fort Wayne. Chapter 13. Debt: $145,915.11. Assets: $157,000.

Matthew R. and Jennifer J. Gilbert, Monroe. Debt: $141,348.84. Assets: $142,023.56.

Travis Michael Hale, Huntington. Chapter 13. Debt: $135,602.09. Assets: $58,639.

Timothy Jon Bearman, 1845 Trinity Blvd., Fort Wayne. Debt: $159,895. Assets: $91,183.40.

Gregory Martin and Paula J. Cole, 8405 Ashworth Court, Fort Wayne. Debt: $209,324.07. Assets: $345,802.

Charles Richard and Lisa Marie Bodman, Hudson. Debt: $136,286. Assets: $4,060.

Andrew Scott and Kristin Anna Logsdon, 2630 Painted Dessert Run, Fort Wayne. Chapter 13. Debt: $306,451. Assets: $18,558.22.