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The Journal Gazette

Tuesday, May 02, 2017 12:40 am

IHSAA approves first-contest change for six fall sports


The IHSAA approved to move up first official contest dates for six fall sports as one of 13 rules proposals at its annual review of By-Laws and Articles of Incorporation in Indianapolis on Monday.

Of the 13, five failed and one was tabled for further study.

The first official contest dates move boys tennis, girls and boys cross country, girls and boys soccer and volleyball up two days from Monday of Week 7 to Saturday of Week 6, giving teams an extra Saturday to schedule potential contests. The rule goes into effect immediately.

The tabled rule proposal was rule 15-2 that would "further define and set dates for no contact periods between students and coaches during the school year, out-of-season," according to a release from the IHSAA.

Other proposals approved gives schools an opportunity to move sub-varsity games to one day earlier (Thursday of Week 7); the first authorized practice for girls gymnastics was approved to move to Monday of Week 20; and the elections for next year's Board and Executive Committee were held with Lowell athletic director Patti McCormack voted president.

Complete minutes are posted at