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The Journal Gazette

Thursday, August 17, 2017 1:50 pm

Tall councilman wants to talk about tiny houses

The tallest member of the Allen County Council is heading a discussion about tiny houses. 

Councilman Justin Busch, R-at large, said Thursday he has received inquiries from citizens interested in the tiny house movement regarding allowable home sizes in Allen County. The tiny house movement advocates simple living in small homes. Although there are no size requirements, a standalone dwelling less than 500 to 750 square feet is typically considered a tiny house. 

Busch said he's in the process of setting a meeting with the Allen County Building Department and the Department of Planning Services to let people interested in tiny homes know what is allowed under the current law. The meeting date has not yet been determined.

Anyone interested in the tiny house movement in Allen County can reach Busch via email at