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Saturday, December 22, 2018 1:00 am

Shopping around can get you best price

LISA GREEN | The Journal Gazette might be a formidable competitor when it comes to low pricing, but one purchase I’ve made this holiday season proves brick-and-mortar retailers can win the game.

I had been considering an air fryer, particularly after a friend purchased one and had been providing me favorable reports from her first few uses. 

A Kohl’s advertising insert in this month's newspaper included a couple air fryer brands on sale, including the Power brand “as seen on TV.” I don’t watch much TV, especially commercials, so the brand name wasn't familiar. Beyond the price, I was mostly concerned about ease of use and cleaning after use. I was also interested in the quart size - how much a fryer could hold - but also how easily I could store it under the counter in my kitchen. Many of the fryers I'd seen in store displays or advertisements were between three and four quarts.

I checked on Amazon to see how some of its offerings compared with local options. I didn't see any priced considerably lower on Amazon, based on size, than some I'd seen locally. The Kohl's advertising insert ran on a Sunday, and although it was a Friday morning when I went, the store still had at least half a dozen of the fryer that caught my eye based on price.

I was able to get a 5.3-quart fryer that would have retailed at $149.99, but was on sale for $89.99. Plus, as Kohl's pointed out in the advertising insert, shoppers could use a Friends & Family coupon for another 25 percent off. That saved an additional $22.50. So the subtotal was $67.49 and the 7 percent tax added $4.72, bringing the total to $72.21.

The receipt showed I saved $82.50, or a little more than half the cost. The receipt even noted "Savings Look Good On You." 

I used the fryer two days after I purchased it - on chicken - with great results. 

The fryer was black; I would have loved red, but didn't see any at Kohl's. When I checked the day I used the fryer back on Amazon for the Power brand and quart size I purchased, the prices showed $99.98 for the black and $167.78 for the same 5.3-quart fryer in red. 

The air fryer just happened to be the type of purchase I'd prefer to make in person. But it was another reminder that it's worth checking and shopping locally when you can.