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Saturday, December 22, 2018 1:00 am


Not done shopping? Gift cards abound

SHERRY SLATER | The Journal Gazette

This post is for all the last-minute shoppers out there.

Hey, no judgment from me. I've been in your shoes more years than I'd like to admit. It's crazy scary how fast the first three weeks of December fly by.

Here's the good news: A National Retail Federation survey found that 60 percent of people would like to receive a gift card ... or two or three ... this Christmas. That was the most-requested item, followed by clothing and accessories, and books and other media.

If you want to buy the most popular gift cards Wallethub, a personal finance website, has done some of the research for you. The five most popular gift cards this year, based on how often consumers searched for them online, are offered by:

1. Amazon

2. Visa

3. Walmart

4. American Express

5. iTunes

So, if the person you're buying for hasn't expressed a preference, consider those options.

But, if you can, use this as an opportunity to let that special someone know that you've been paying attention enough to know about his go-to fast food restaurant, her love of handmade jewelry or their annual trip to Disney World.

The possibilities for gift cards are really amazing. I was surprised – and delighted! – to learn the follow companies issue gift cards: Taco Bell, Etsy, Disney, eBay, Sephora, Costco, Hobby Lobby, American Airlines, Ticketmaster, Netflix and Fandango.

Truly, if you can imagine it, there's probably a gift card for it.

Now that P.F. Chang's has opened in Glenbrook Square, I know what kind of gift card I'm hoping for this year. Hint, hint.