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The Journal Gazette

Wednesday, December 12, 2018 7:20 pm

Avoid major pitfall of parking

LISA GREEN | The Journal Gazette

It’s such a simple request; it would be great if all shoppers complied.

When you’re done shopping and have tucked all of your purchases into your car, buckle up and please don't waste time pulling out.

Whether you back out or pull forward, consider it common courtesy to quickly relinquish your parking space.

It’s simple. And it's thoughtful.

Someone needs that parking space.

So often, I’ve seen shoppers get in the car, packages and all, and ... just sit there. It especially seems to happen when a driver has a passenger.

You can chat –  if that’s what’s holding you up –  on the way to your next stop.

Did you happen to notice the car just yards away, maybe with its turn signal on, indicating it’s ready to pull into the coveted space you could be vacating?

This waiting game can stymie the traffic flow, especially if there’s no room for other cars to navigate around the one hoping to pull into a spot that should be opening.

And if you’re not going to pull out, can you please signal the driver in the waiting car?

It’s such a simple request.