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Wednesday, August 08, 2018 5:02 pm

Verbatim: Red River Waste Solutions Counters Breach Allegations

The following was released on Wed. Aug. 8, 2018 by Red River Waste solutions:

FORT WAYNE – Red River Waste Solutions is receiving unwarranted negative attention based on allegations from members of Fort Wayne’s City Council suggesting the company is in breach of contract. This type of public claim not only damages Red River’s reputation but also affects their relationship with the community and their employees.

“Whether or not an opinionated performance assessment should be considered appropriate evidence against us is not the current issue. We know that legally we are not in breach of contract, but the public has only received partial measurements which are relevant aspects of our performance. The number of missed calls are less than 1% of the total collections each week. The total of calls this year are 18,000 out of 3,412,000 collections. Although, it is not where we want to be when all of the routes are tweaked and balanced; it is not as far off as being portrayed,” said Steve Smith, Vice President of Business Development.

Smith said that when Red River took over the contract from Republic Services, even after 20 years of service with Republic, the City of Fort Wayne had no route data to provide to Red River. Instead Red River implemented the latest waste industry onboard technology and designed the routing system from scratch. As with any new process, there are limitations at first. The downside is that it takes time to perfect the process and get employees trained/retrained. Week over week data must be analyzed and put into planning operationally. Adjustments have been and will continue to be made as they progress forward.

Allegations of breach are inflammatory and these inaccurate or unfair news portrayals have the intention to mislead the residents and employees to distrust the company. As council members become more willing to express their personal and adverse opinions publicly, Red River finds it more difficult to recruit and retain employees.

Yet, these unfortunate setbacks have not faltered the company. Red River’s team works diligently to provide the service the citizens of Fort Wayne desire and deserve. Currently, the company has three positions available, and continues to offer competitive wages, sign on bonuses, retention bonuses and tonnage bonuses to their employees.

Another deceptive point that has been made by council members in multiple news stories is Red River refusing to give any rebate or refund to the customers. The truth is Red River does not charge or bill the customers, the City does. Therefore, Red River cannot provide a refund or rebate. To make claims suggesting otherwise only clouds the issue even further.

“We listen to and review all the resident’s grievances provided by the City. To be effective, it is essential to evaluate each call separately to determine what is working and what areas to improve to reduce the call volume. We have successfully completed over 250 diverse government service contracts

located in the continental U.S., Alaska, Hawaii and Guam, and we currently operate effectively in six different states. We have no doubt that we’ll do whatever it takes to provide the citizens of Fort Wayne the service they rightfully expect and deserve”