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The Journal Gazette

Tuesday, May 15, 2018 10:58 am

No Indiana bobcat hunting season, commission rules

Niki Kelly | The Journal Gazette

INDIANAPOLIS -- The Indiana Natural Resources Commission on Tuesday dumped two controversial wildlife proposals, including one that would have allowed a bobcat hunting season.

The second would have required business operators that catch so-called nuisance animals -- raccoons, coyotes and opossums -- to euthanize the animals. Right now they are allowed to be caught and released.

The bobcat rule especially drew passionate opposition.

"As we all know, that is a rather sensitive topic to a number of people. We have heard from you. We appreciate the interest," Indiana Department of Natural Resources Director Cameron Clark said. "We do feel as though we probably need to work more with our constituencies on sensitive rules like this."

He committed that if the department proposes a bobcat hunting season in the future it will go before an advisory council first.

Clark moved to withdraw the bobcat season as well as the euthanization language. Businesses with a nuisance animal control permit would be required to keep a record of the address where each animal is released.