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  • Courtesy Kosciusko County Sheriff's Department: Kosciusko County Sheriff William Rocky Goshert, left, and Kosciusko REMC President and CEO Bruce Goslee, right, honor Randy Runkel, Cody Kindle and Isaac Harp for turning in about $5,000 in cash found in a ditch near Warsaw.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018 11:35 am

3 recognized for good deed

The Journal Gazette

Three citizens were recognized for doing good in the Kosciusko County community today.

Randy Runkel, Cody Kindle and Isaac Harp were recognized for their positive action last week, the county sheriff's department said in a statement.

The three Kosciusko REMC workers found about $5,000 in a ditch while they were working outside of Warsaw, the statement said. It said the men turned the money in to the sheriff's department for safekeeping until the owner could be found.

The next day, a resident who lived next to where the money was found called the sheriff's department to say there was someone looking for something in the field. The resident was asked to have the man contact the sheriff's department.

When the man contacted the sheriff's department, police were able to confirm the money was legally his. The man told police he had been a victim of fraud and had emptied his bank account to stop the fraud when he lost the money.