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The Journal Gazette

Monday, September 25, 2017 2:44 pm

Virus killed carp at Roush Lake

The Journal Gazette

A koi herpes virus killed carp at Roush Lake in Huntington County in July, the Department of Natural Resources said today.

On July 20, the DNR received reports of dead carp in Roush Lake, a statement from its Division of Fish & Wildlife said.

A fisheries biologist collected dead carp and six live carp, which were analyzed at labs in West Lafayette, Indiana, and Ames, Iowa, to determine why the fish were dying, the statement said.

On Aug. 20, it said, the Iowa lab reported it recovered the virus from gill and kidney tissue.

The virus only affects common carp and koi, an ornamental carp, and cannot infect humans, the DNR said. It usually happens in late spring and early fall. Young carp are usually the most likely to get the disease, but a major kill can include a majority of adults.