Political Notebook


Out-of-state anti-Pence website forms

A new website taking aim at Indiana Gov. Mike Pence has popped up - www.stoppence.com.

The site accuses the GOP governor of "sliding to the left" on various issues.

It is run by the Foundation for Government Accountability, a newer think tank out of Florida whose goal is to replace failed health and welfare programs nationwide.

The site says that while Pence served in Congress he was "firmly committed to the free-market, low tax and small government principles he was elected on. But as governor, he has slowly but surely been sliding toward the left, on key issues like expanding the welfare state, federal control of education and increases in government spending."

One example is that while in Congress he opposed the stimulus, but as governor he has happily spent stimulus money.

But the site especially focuses on Pence's proposal to provide health insurance to hundreds of thousands of Hoosiers under the Affordable Care Act. He calls it HIP 2.0 and argues it is different from the broken Medicaid system because it requires participants to pay some costs.

The federal government is considering the waiver request.

"His plan for Medicaid expansion is little more than a thinly-disguised way to bring a massive expansion of ObamaCare entitlements to 350,000 able-bodied adults in Indiana," the website said. "This is exactly the sort of idea that a principled, free-market Republican should be opposing."