We need to play Sunday's game like its a game seven. I have all the faith in the Komets going on the road but would much rather see them end it here.
Posted by Hoss (672 posts) at 10:54 pm Friday
18 votes 1 vote
Awesome game! Shrock with a goal! Played well with a lot of hitting and traffic in front of the net. Lets get Sundays game.
Posted by jonndfi (174 posts) at 11:02 pm Friday
15 votes 3 votes
I second that. We got a presumable gift tonite having Orlando extend their series with more than likely winner/second round foe, Cincinnati.
Posted by orange_koolaid2.0 (200 posts) at 11:06 pm Friday
10 votes 1 vote
just an all around great game really glad to see mr captain get a goal maybe he is trying to come back next year ;).

I want to say to all the debbie downers up yours! knew this team was coming into playoffs hot and really clicking they look fantastice but also really feel they need to end it sunday for sure!! Go K's!
Posted by HockeyKnowHow (171 posts) at 11:40 pm Friday
9 votes 19 votes
So the Captain, that the team voted on, scored a goal? In the playoffs? Hmmmm

I know, I know, all of you hate the fact that he played as hard as he could, every game, all year. I know you hated that he was named captain via players choice.

I know, you guys just hate the fact that with a full, TEAM, the Komets seem to out perform the team that you saw in December with a stat line.

I know, that this series isn't over, which it isn't, but did you think it would get this far? This was the worst team we have seen, along with the GM, Coach, Captain, Owners, etc. etc. etc.

One game away from the chance at a 2nd round, and can the "fans" of Komet hockey tuck away the ego, long enough to admit that sometimes, things take a bit of time to get put together?
Posted by Jerad Shaw (219 posts) at 12:30 am Saturday
8 votes 19 votes
Why so eager to say "up yours" to fans that complained about the disappointing games and boring style we saw over and over through the season? Those were legit complaints..the GM and coach were even complaining.

Just speaking for myself..as a fan I get annoyed with lazy play,..I have coaches I like and don't like, and sometimes it is nice to complain/vent after a season filled with inconsistencies.
I also comment after big wins and when certain players play their heart out.

I love the sport, I'm a fan with different views than you. We love the same team. I can't imagine coming to this blog after a crappy game..addressing all the fans that generally focus on the positives..and making some rude, vulgar comment...like.."screw you" and a big I told you they would suck haha.

Don't understand the satisfaction of it...not when we are all fans of the same team. The guys are playing great and it's especially sweet since we weren't sure they would make the playoffs. Win or lose...these are exciting games. Keep it up guys.
Posted by hockey fix (127 posts) at 12:44 am Saturday
17 votes 6 votes
You do realize, for 76 games, fans came on here doing exactly what you are complaining about right? There is only a handful of people that post on this board that weren't on the side of shipping the entire organization off to undisclosed location, and starting from scratch.

Now, I'm only a guy that showed up for 8 games. I couldn't possible know anything about this team. I can accept that.

I can also state my opinion on a "boring" team that I saw throughout this season that seem to play hard, just didn't have the talent. Injuries, transactions, etc, this team seem to be able to play with anyone that I had the privilege to see them play against.

I think we can all come together at some point, cheer on the orange and black, and just enjoy Komet hockey. I know that's the way I would like it when I get to enjoy my 9th home game this year come Sunday.
Posted by Jerad Shaw (219 posts) at 12:58 am Saturday
3 votes 17 votes
Debbie downer... For Sale! Not enough cheeks in the seats! Great win tonight though...
Posted by lawnmower (22 posts) at 1:20 am Saturday
4 votes 3 votes
Stating your opinion is the point of writing a comment. I didn't say opinions are bad. What I think is strange is making a point of rubbing it in other fans faces...like saying I told you so. Nobody has been wrong...there were alot of negatives...there were some positives...depends on your personality as to which you focus on. You are right..the GM and coach were not well loved this year. The players had fans fed up.
Nobody has to like the opinions of others...but it seems to get ugly and that is what I feel is nonsense. Saying "up yours" to all negative, doubters is just ridiculous. Same for fans that take it personally when other fans choose to focus on positives. They are playing well...most if not all comments are positive, let's enjoy it.
Posted by hockey fix (127 posts) at 1:22 am Saturday
12 votes 0 votes
Miss hockeyknowhow with yet another breach of Justin's rules....go figure.

Hockeyfix, good post...

The regular season was a disaster, and nothing will change that...

No one has ever said one word against Schrock's hustle or effort, only his skill level. He scored a goal...great...he still shouldn't be dressed ahead of Dale or Carter...imo.

Many of the "naysayers" predicted o Komets win in this first round for many different reasons; but you wouldn't know that because the white knights whined and cried until most were run off... Bravo Komet protectors...bravo....
Posted by JR . (909 posts) at 1:34 am Saturday
14 votes 11 votes
Extrememly proud to cal my self a Komet fan in the 2 home playoff games. Unfortunately im sad to say that no matter how disappointed we were in the team in the regular season, we still need to support our team in the playoffs. This whole 4000 fans in attendance on thursday and 5000 tonight is BS. ITS PLAYOFF HOCKEY PEOPLE?? We made it and we are playing the best hockey of the year. I hope Sunday can be the highest attendance of the playoofs thus far and i cannot express the dire need to come out and support. Show up Komet fans and quit being little....well im done GO KOMETS!!
Posted by Michael Reidt (17 posts) at 1:48 am Saturday
9 votes 8 votes
This is typical of early round playoff hockey in fort wayne... Corporations no longer have their large blocks of seats like they do during the regular season....

What your seeing right now are the season ticket holders and diehards, for the most part...
Posted by JR . (909 posts) at 1:58 am Saturday
13 votes 5 votes
Hockey know how, here's your one warning on the language.

JR, give it a rest. If you have a problem with me, address it to me in an email.
Posted by Justin Cohn (1344 posts) at 2:57 am Saturday
12 votes 6 votes

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