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  • Letters
    Gerardot has shownempathy for everyone As a Christian clergy member in Fort Wayne, I have met with local and state legislators to talk about a variety of issues that affect our community.
  • Letters
    Gerardot has shownempathy for everyoneAs a Christian clergy member in Fort Wayne, I have met with local and state legislators to talk about a variety of issues that affect our community.
  • Math standard would achieve school reform
    Our urban-school leaders, who are reorganizing, renaming and retooling Common Core standards, are making another costly mistake.
Election letters
Letters relating to the May 6 primary election will be accepted until noon on Wednesday.

Letters to the editor

SDI traffic is a menace

After reading a March 27 letter concerning SDI trucks on County Line Road between U.S. 30 and U.S. 24, I want to reiterate the importance of the concern Kim Gross made in her letter.

I have complained to the Whitley County Highway Department about the problem of steel trucks using County Line Road. The road is narrow and hilly with narrow bridges and many housing additions entering County Line. When SDI was built in Whitley County, the community was told by Keith Busse that trucks were not to use County Line. Year after year I have seen an increase in traffic and high speeds by the trucks. I have had to pull over at the narrow bridge to avoid getting hit. This is a danger to the people using this road. No runners or bikers feel safe sharing the road. I have observed trucks coming over the hills using the middle of the road and deer jumping out in the front of a truck.

The road is not equipped to handle the heavy truck traffic. It is time to be proactive and put public safety first before someone is killed.


A disturbing pattern emerges

State Bar & Grill, March 2012: Two men get into a fight. They take the fight outside. The man who started the fight pulls out a gun and shoots and kills the other man who didn’t even have a gun. In less than a week the prosecutor, citing self-defense, lets the shooter and his gun go free.

Dupont Bar and Grill, January 2014: Two men walk into a bar and get into a fight. They take the fight outside and one man shoots and kills the other. The shooter is taken in for questioning and let go. Will he, too, not be held accountable for his actions?

Corner Pocket Pub, March 2014: Two men walk into a bar and get into a fight. They take the fight outside and one man shoots the others so many times he has to reload his gun. He then speeds away, only to kill an innocent 17-year-old girl who was just trying to get home. He too claims it was justifiable.

At least in the Old West, if a man shot down another man he was expected to pay the undertaker. If you hit a pole, you have to pay to have it replaced. If you’re drunk and hit a pole, you go to jail. It has to cost thousands and thousands of dollars to pay for the police, EMTs, lawyers. Let’s not even consider the pain and sorrow their families and friends have to endure.

Why do these guys just get to walk away? At any of these times did the bar owners call the police to let them know that there could be a problem? I thought the bars were responsible for their patrons. Wherein lies the bar’s responsibility to maintain safety? Why do we as taxpayers have to pick up the expense for the mess these guys make?

How many innocent children will have to be taken before this city wakes up?


Ad rejected for dishonesty

Citilink is being sued by Allen County Right To Life and the Alliance Defending Freedom for declining to post an ad on its buses for Women’s Health Link. The ad claims to offer contacts that women need for health care. However, it intentionally omits crucial information. Perhaps Citilink would have posted the ad if it advertised itself as health care alternatives to abortion. The problem isn’t that the ad is controversial; the ad is dishonest.

CAROLYN MEAGHER and SUE ELLEN BRAUNLIN Co-presidents Indiana Religious Coalition for Reproductive Justice

City skilled at wasting money

I can’t believe this city is going to waste $4 million on an unneeded roundabout when the money could be used for much-needed road repair. A roundabout where it is proposed (Superior and Ewing streets) is about as necessary as, say, high-speed rail. So many of our streets were in dire straits even before winter took its toll. One case in point – Parnell Street. Parnell Street has been in shambles for years, yet all that has taken place is the occasional patching. And this is the street that, on Memorial Day and Veterans Day, honors the men and women who died serving our country and have served our country? What a tribute.

This city loves to waste money. Let’s give $3 million to a private institution (Saint Francis). Let’s waste $200,000 on high-speed rail studies that most city councilmen stated was a long shot in passing. I just don’t get it!