Political Notebook


Don't poke the (snow) bear

The Fort Wayne City Council’s ad hoc Snow Removal Task Force will meet again April 3, but there are some who wonder if it should be meeting at all.

The reason is even bigger than their current conundrum, which is the city’s law requiring property owners to shovel their sidewalks or be fined. In that Catch-22 of their own making, task force members are trying to find a way to enforce a law they have each publicly said they don’t want to enforce.

But now, Tom Smith, R-1st, raises a prospect even scarier than writing tickets to senior citizens with snowy walks: Eternal winter.

“I hope we can wrap (the task force) up soon, because it seems that as long as we keep meeting, it keeps snowing,” Smith said.

If that’s a motion to adjourn, we second it.