Political Notebook


Mayoral moneybags

It should be noted that money is not everything in a political campaign. But it is a lot.

It should also be noted that we are more than a year away from the primaries for the 2015 mayoral races, and much can change in that time. And incumbents always have a much easier time raising money than their challengers do.

But we also have to note that City Councilman Mitch Harper announced he would run for mayor of Fort Wayne in August 2012, meaning he has had more than a year to raise money for the 2015 campaign.

So what to make of the campaign finance reports filed for 2013 recently?

Harper began 2013 with about $10,000 on hand, and raised another $20,000 over the year. The campaign spent about $6,000, leaving him over $24,000 to start 2014.

Mayor Tom Henry, meanwhile – who has not yet announced his intentions regarding 2015 – began the year with more than $94,000 on hand, and raised another $259,000 in 2013. Even after spending $50,000, he goes into 2014 with over $303,000 in the bank.

Granted, money alone doesn’t win races. But it sure makes winning them easier.