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  • PTA is the best way to help your schools
    As Fort Wayne Community Schools holds registration today and Monday, PTA leaders are getting ready to “make the ask.” It's time to help the schools in our community.
  • Today's society the result of ignoring God's law
    I read with amusement David Shaw's letter of July 20. His letter demonstrates that, when one cannot make a cogent argument, they resort to ridicule and misinformation.
  • 'Automatic gunfire' careless assumption
    Why would The Journal Gazette write an article about nighttime shootings and implicate automatic gunfire? Can you prove that it was automatic? You cannot tell by the look of bullet casings.


Jesus visible downtown everywhere you look

In response to the letter lamenting the lack of crèches in downtown Fort Wayne (Dec. 13):

Christmas has become a secular holiday as much as a religious holiday, but Christ is here in downtown Fort Wayne. He just doesn’t look like a helpless baby.

I suggest you look for him at the rescue mission, the Salvation Army, Matthew 25, Women’s Bureau, Catholic Charities or Lutheran Social Services. Below every steeple that pierces our beautiful skyline, there is an organization of people who have taken on the commission to be the hands and heart of Jesus in our local community. They serve every kind of need: physical, emotional and spiritual.

As far as the festive decorations and light displays, they are available to everyone and they give whole families a place to build memories and traditions. They don’t detract from the “real” meaning of Christmas so much as give us a window through which we can feel the beauty and joy that we can’t begin to comprehend. To paraphrase the famous “Yes, Virginia” editorial, we need faith, fancy, poetry and love to push aside the veil of reality and open our hearts to the true beauty of the spirit in this holy season.

SUE PAPE Fort Wayne

What do elites fear from HJR 6 vote?

It seems that all of the elites in government, business and education have already decided the outcome of HJR 6 – it seems so from all the newspaper, radio and TV coverage articles about it. So why put it to a vote, they say. Instead of all this reasoning as to why we shouldn’t have a plebiscite, let’s do the common-sense thing and put it to the voters. No matter the decision, it would be only proper to see the matter through. Could the powers that be be afraid to allow Hoosiers to decide for ourselves?


Urge lawmakers to oppose backward-thinking HJR 6

It’s astounding that in this day and age the Indiana legislature is giving consideration to a constitutional amendment that would legalize the banning of freedoms and protections for some of its citizens. HJR 6, if passed, would do just that.

It would permanently ban some freedoms, protections and benefits for same-sex couples and their families and, in addition, remove the same for unmarried opposite-sex Hoosiers. Sixteen states and Washington, D.C., have moved forward by enacting laws that are inclusive, saying that same-sex citizens have all the rights and protections as opposite-sex citizens.

Many of Indiana’s mayors, corporations, churches, colleges and universities have spoken out against HJR 6, stating that this legislation would surely paint Indiana as a hostile work and living environment for some of its best and brightest citizens. Without a doubt our state would lose valuable talent and, indeed, gain a very negative reputation with the rest of the country.

Why wouldn’t a society that clearly has a homosexual population and always will want to do everything possible within this community to promote committed and monogamous relationships? Being inclusive by protecting their freedoms and rights instead of banning them by constitutional amendment should be the Indiana way.

HJR 6 is bad for people and bad for Indiana. Please ask your legislator to say “no” to HJR 6.