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    ‘Greatest nation’ isshallow in showing itSo often I see what appear at first glance to be demonstrations of my fellow citizens’ pride in America.
  • Drivers inconsiderate of funeral processions
    I want to discuss proper funeral procession etiquette. I was leaving a funeral on Oct. 3, traveling down West Jefferson Boulevard to Covington Road.
  • Sign theft constitutes unneighborly act
    We always thought of Fort Wayne as a town that could pride itself on being neighborly. Being a good neighbor means caring about others.


Middle class would suffer by minimum wage hike

In an attempt to detour the nation’s attention away from Obamacare and the failures of their progressive agenda, the president and his merry band of liberal followers are trying to convince entry-level workers that they should take to the streets and demand their entry-level wages be doubled.

For now, the argument lies somewhere between the adverse effect on business and the supposedly unjust wage currently being paid to unskilled workers.

Funny how no one is commenting on how a $15/hour wage will affect the entire workforce and the dwindling U.S. middle class.

Many of us are currently struggling to stay in the middle of the middle class. Though many of us pursued our education and have jobs, paying for life’s necessities is becoming difficult. As prices continue to rise, the opportunities to partake of some of life’s luxuries, such as eating out or shopping at the local mall, are dwindling.

Doubling the minimum wage would mean many of us could no longer patronize places like Chick-fil-A or American Eagle. More importantly, it means that other businesses will eventually have to pay their entry-level workers more to compete. And that means increased prices all across the board. More people will be jobless and doing without.

The worst part of this liberal scheme is that so many have lost sight of reality. Entry-level workers should be paid a low wage because it quickly leads them to a choice: They can commit to the job, move up the corporate ladder, and earn more; or they can seek training that will prepare them for higher-paying jobs.

A president, his political allies, and media that would promote such a lame, progressive scheme deserve all the ensuing economic tumult that will result from such a move.


Congress doing little to justify its existence

As the first session of the do-nothing 113th Congress draws to a close, it is unsettling to note that next year they will be in session 26 fewer days. Thanks for nothing, Rep. Marlin Stutzman.


Marriage debate struggle between God and Satan

Esther and Roger Blansit’s letter entitled “Marriage letters show contempt for rights” (Dec. 7) sounded very atheistic. Contempt for whom; could it be God?

They wrote, “God didn’t invent marriage, humans did. Those who entered into it received special privileges, such as tax breaks, power of attorney, etc. that have nothing to do with God.”

God is very much in our lives. Who created humans so they could marry? Every time you obey U.S. laws you are connected to God, because they are founded on God’s Ten Commandments.

God’s laws take precedence over man-made laws; that does not change.

If you read the Bible, you will receive all the information you need, not draw your own conclusions. There are two forces on this earth, God and Satan. The writers of the letters the Blansits referred to in their letter are apparently Christians and followers of God. Who side are you on?

AUDREY E. DeBOLT Convoy, Ohio