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  • Letters
    Pooled city resourceswould reduce killings When are we going to shift our focus of police distribution and finances?
  • Letters
    Pooled city resourceswould reduce killingsWhen are we going to shift our focus of police distribution and finances?It is horrible that we continue to have people killed in our city by senseless violence.
  • Rules of road should apply to bicyclists
    I agree 100 percent with Larry Langsdale's letter of Sept. 22 (”Bicyclists must be aware of others”). I think bicycles are great.

Letters to the editor

Limo ride a classic reward

I am writing in response to the Oct. 25 letter regarding the rethinking of East Allen students’ limo ride. What is peculiar to me is that everyone in all socioeconomic classes strives in an environment where positive reinforcement and rewards are implemented. However, the writer is discouraging this exact same model which was pioneered by gurus such as Ivan Pavlov, Edward L. Thorndike, John B. Watson and B.F. Skinner, who studied this model extensively. These same models have been proven effective in multiple studies done in all facets of life.

Moreover, whether you are a politician, employee, parent or business owner, our individual egos need this recognition and reward for our efforts. So why would children be held to another model or be any different from adult egos?

Additionally, the New Haven Primary School raised money to offset the expense of much-needed supplies for the school. All children who sold even one candle were rewarded in some kind of way. I am a grandparent to one of these children and am delighted my grandchild had the opportunity to see his hard work paid off. Essentially, the money used to reward the top sellers in a fun and educational manner was really a small amount of the overall profits raised.


Our priorities are misplaced

We need firefighters.

How can we not afford four important people in the local fire department, but give $6.6 million of taxpayer money to GM so they won’t move out? Think about it.

DAVID J. SORG Fort Wayne

Health care lies exposed

Here is my health insurance nightmare caused by Obamacare’s new regulations.

1. Currently my family of four has a $12,000 deductible health savings account with Anthem; we paid $525 per month for 2013. We are very happy with this policy and the HSA concept.

2. Anthem sent me a letter recently and said I could only keep this for one more year (through 2014) due to Obamacare rules and it would cost $643.94 (a 19 percent increase).

3. Since I have been unable to get policy information from the government health care website, I visited the Kaiser Family Healthcare Calculator website; it says I will have to pay $12,700 for a catastrophic plan in 2015 due to Obamacare regulations.

4. This is a 40 percent increase from 2014 and a 59 percent increase in two years.

What happened to “I can keep my policy if I like it” and save $2,500 a year on my insurance with Obamacare? All these lying politicians should be run out of office. There have to be repercussions for the lies they continue to tell all of us.

Wake up, America; we are all being ripped off.

DENNY BRAGG Huntertown

Sally-o a credo to live by

The police chief said on TV to be careful when going to and leaving our malls; they can be very dangerous.

Checking the parking lot when leaving any shopping center to make sure it is safe is a win-win idea. Make sure your wallet and purse are safe at all times. Shred all mail for safety. Is there a stranger at my front door, now what do I do? My car broke down, now what? This list can go on and on. There are so many things for young and old to worry about day to day. We read about murders and many other problems right here in our city.

Let’s think what we can do to stop all these problems. Getting right down to the bare facts we can do very little.

Let’s just stay at home and do nothing. That would solve no problems. Yes we can do something to help ourselves – Sally-o: Save a life like your own.

Every day when we get up, think of Sally-o. Are we going shopping? Thinking of Sally-o, we make sure we are aware of our surroundings and all of our personal stuff. Be on the defensive when driving. Let other people know about Sally-o; each one of us can make a difference. In the military everyone has someone’s back. Let all of us, young and old, think of each other, not only looking out for ourselves but others too. We all can take a little step in the right direction, helping ourselves but others also.

Put Sally-o in your head every day; it will make a difference.