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  • Letters
    Pooled city resourceswould reduce killings When are we going to shift our focus of police distribution and finances?
  • Letters
    Pooled city resourceswould reduce killingsWhen are we going to shift our focus of police distribution and finances?It is horrible that we continue to have people killed in our city by senseless violence.
  • Rules of road should apply to bicyclists
    I agree 100 percent with Larry Langsdale's letter of Sept. 22 (”Bicyclists must be aware of others”). I think bicycles are great.

Letters to the editor

Politics subverted enrollment

I am upset that the machinations of government have caused a breakdown in the enrollment in the Affordable Care Act. I think investigation is proper and necessary but not to score political points.

Having said that, I would ask our state legislators, especially the Republicans, where was the outrage when Gov. Mitch Daniels’ privatization of the welfare system turned into a complete boondoggle? Rollouts were late, recipients couldn’t contact the call center and the system no longer offered a permanent caseworker. You got someone who probably never handled your case before and had no idea who you were. Assistance was canceled because people could not maneuver the system.

And do we still know how the lawsuits between the state and IBM have turned out?


Dads, not moms, are to blame

While I otherwise agree with John Crawford’s opinion piece (“Unstable family best indicator of violence,” Nov. 6), he subtly lays the blame at the feet of women with his choice of language.

By stating that “children in female-headed families are ... more likely to fail in school ... more likely to be arrested ...” and that poverty can be avoided by “waiting to have a baby,” he (intentionally or not) blames women for the problems facing our society. This type of subtle sexism perpetuates the idea that unmarried women are the downfall of society. But at least women are taking responsibility for the children and doing their best to raise them.

I agree that stable families are necessary for producing productive, stable adults; however, let’s at least call it like it is: the problem is not that the female is the head of the household. The problem is fathers who fail to take responsibility for the children they help create.


Too much emphasis on past

In regard to “Slain victim ID’d, faced tax charges” (Oct. 29), I found it unnerving to read one sentence about a slain victim to a crime and then tons of information that had nothing to do with his being a victim.

I did not know Jovon C. Harvey, but time and time again we see people who are victims – when their past history is brought up, they (along with their families) are re-victimized. His past criminal behavior had nothing to do with his being a current victim.

When articles such as these are published, the past tends to overshine that a crime has happened and people have the tendency to become desensitized to the real problem – unsolved murders in this city.

Be mindful that there is a current crime and these victims have families. Should we re-victimize people? I’m pretty sure that if we dug far enough, all of us have a past; however, if I were victimized, I wouldn’t want my past to overshadow that a murderer walks the streets.

KELA GUY Fort Wayne

Amendment plan is insane

On the one hand, you have gay couples clearly being injured by existing Indiana law that some legislators want to add to our state constitution. Gay couples are not allowed to marry and are thereby denied numerous legal and financial benefits. I have several friends in Fort Wayne among them.

On the other hand, you have nobody being helped in any way by gay couples being denied marriage. Various anti-gay ideas and organizations may benefit, but no actual human beings. And no one is being injured when gay couples marry, so no one is protected by the marriage ban.

We have a law that hurts thousands of Hoosiers and helps no one. This is nuts – or worse.

Please, northeast Indiana legislators, help put a stop to this.


‘Freeloaders’ had role models

A 90-year-old wrote that he grew up during the Depression, fought in World War II and was part of the Greatest Generation. I thank him for his service. He then defines the present generation as the “foolish generation” and the “freeloader generation.” I have a different view of the Greatest Generation – of which my father and mother were part.

I was born in 1956 and could not vote until 1974. Until I was old enough to vote, the Greatest Generation was in charge. By 1974 the Greatest Generation as a collective had passed Social Security – did not fund it properly; passed Social Security Disability in 1957 – again did not fund it properly; passed Medicare in 1965 – again failed to fund it properly; Medicaid; COLA; and passed the earned income tax credit for low wage earners affected by huge FICA tax increases in the late ’60s due to underfunding Social Security and Medicare. The Greatest Generation also was mostly responsible for the continual general budget deficits since 1958 until present. The national debt now stands at $17 trillion.

I know the value of a dollar, but many from the Greatest Generation do not and did not teach their children that there was no free lunch. I disagree that today’s generation are freeloaders. Maybe the programs created by the Greatest Generation are the problem.


Another choice lost

Wake up, America! Now the government wants to ban trans fats from our diets. This is another shot of government intruding in private lives. Who are they to determine what we eat, or if it is good or bad? What may be bad for some is good for others. This is Americans’ choice – not the government’s.

Another freedom is being deleted by this government, and we should not allow it. Incandescent light bulbs are being taken from our choices, sugar is said to be bad (by whose decision?), and the list keeps growing.

Only by a collective voice can we get back to determining our own choices, or are Americans turning into sheep, blindly following a leader who cannot lead?

The choice should be obvious.