Political Notebook

  • Shepard to receive democracy award
    The Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site has announced Randall T. Shepard of Evansville as the recipient of the 2014 Advancing American Democracy Award.
  • Stutzman ready for a real recess
    Congress is off the month of August for a "district work period," but its members and the media still refer to such breaks as "recess."
  • Liz Brown gets 4 endorsements
    Liz Brown, the Republican running for the Senate District 15 seat, announced four endorsements Thursday.

Let’s just email it to everyone. Uh, no.

After another marathon all-day meeting of the group creating a new A-F school grading model, the panel was ready to vote Monday evening.

The problem was they didn’t have a final version of the report they would approve in front of them.

They had made dozens of changes to a draft during the day – including some pretty substantive. The members had tossed definitions back and forth, creating new language and tweaking others.

So the question was – did the group want to wait to see the final compiled report by Legislative Services Agency before voting? That would mean staying several more hours or coming back another day.

And the report was due by Friday.

One member asked if the final report could be emailed around for review.

Superintendent of Public Instruction Glenda Ritz was quick to quash that idea – pointing out the recommendations/report had to be approved in an open meeting.

After all, she has a pending lawsuit against the State Board of Education for emailing around a letter to be sent by the board asking for legislative intervention in calculating A-F grades.

Ritz contends that letter counts as the board taking “official action” outside a public meeting.