Political Notebook


Pence ready for the flu

Gov. Mike Pence rolled up his sleeve Thursday for his annual flu shot -- and he didn't even wince.

"Highly effective. Virtually painless," the governor said after the prick. "It's a very serious matter. The state of Indiana is seeking to lead by example."

There were 72 flu-related deaths for the 2012-13 season, according to the Indiana State Department of Health.

Pence sort of got the shot twice, actually.

An Indianapolis TV station showed up late to the event and Pence offered to restage the shot to help get awareness out to Hoosiers and state employees about the importance of the flu vaccine.

That video will show a pharmacist "faking" the shot, with a lid on and the needle plunger not moving.

But there is no conspiracy. Pence got the real shot first and even has the bandage to prove it.

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