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    NIPSCO juggles numbers to disguise true costs NIPSCO announced recently that it expects heating bills to drop this winter by about 4 percent (”Heating bills likely to drop this
  • Misleading numbers no basis for campaign
    Beverly Zuber, the Wayne Township assessor, has always encouraged her staff to take an active role in educating the public by thoroughly explaining the process to taxpayers who visit our office, speaking at neighborhood association
  • St. John’s committee tackles Ebola relief effort
    The Oct. 12 Journal Gazette article regarding our efforts to evoke a response from Fort Wayne to the Ebola crisis in Western Africa is most appreciated. However, the article read like the fundraiser was a personal activity.


Non-voters shoulder blame for Washington dysfunction

Our national elected representatives have decided to have our nation join the likes of third world dysfunctional democracies.

Everyone wants to blame someone else for this situation. Some blame the Republicans and others blame the Democrats – and a few blame the bureaucrats. As I lay awake and pondered whom to blame, it became clear who should accept the blame. It is every person who is eligible to vote and did not vote in the past few national elections.

Voters with a strong ideological agenda come out and vote, and when the average moderate citizen doesn’t vote we end up with two parties packed with a strong “my-way-or-the-highway” mentalities. These ideologists’ principles exclude the ability to maintain a strong nation through compromise.

There are only two solutions. Common-sense folks need to come out and run for office. That’s hard because money is a stronger influence than ever. All eligible voters should come out and vote and split their votes to ensure the best candidates get elected.


Pence shows futility of shutdown tactics

It was extremely irresponsible of Gov. Mike Pence to assure Indiana citizens that Indiana would be able to easily survive the effects of the shutdown. Of course, he is expected to parrot the Republican Party line, but if the shutdown were so minimally affecting Indiana citizens, then why even do it? It follows that this tactic was worthless if the effect was so modest. No, the effect of the shutdown was greater than Pence suggested.

This line of rhetoric is dangerous and also completely wrongheaded, like most of the tea party logic.

The Republican Party needs to realize it lost the election and that attempts at defunding the Affordable Care Act have no place in the budgeting process. If they truly want to remove the ACA, they first need to win a national election, something that will most likely not happen in the near future when the nation punishes them at the ballot box in 2014.


Sprinklers minimized Glenbrook Square fire

On Sept. 28, an employee of Champs Sports at Glenbrook Square noticed black smoke pouring out of a storage room. As customers and employees were evacuating, the fire sprinkler system was automatically activated.

The Fort Wayne Fire Department responded within five minutes and was able to safely enter the store and extinguish the blaze that was contained to the backroom thanks to the fire sprinkler system. Once the mall was deemed safe, customers and mall workers were able to re-enter the mall.

Glenbrook Square is one of the largest malls in Northern Indiana; losing such an essential hub of commerce so close to the holiday season could have been devastating to residents and business owners. The capability of a properly installed and maintained fire sprinkler system to contain the spread of fire and in many cases extinguish the blaze before first responders even arrive is the reason so many important structures have these life- and property-saving systems.

Places of commerce like Glenbrook Square are not the only types of structures that can and do benefit from these systems. Places of worship, places of business and, most importantly, the places you call home can all be protected by a fire sprinkler system. I encourage you all to learn how to protect yourself, your loved ones and your community from the ravages of fire.

RON BROWN Great Lakes regional manager National Fire Sprinkler Association

Snowden’s revelations merited Nobel recognition

Originally I was ambivalent about Edward Snowden and his actions. However, as time passes and we hear more about the NSA and the invasion of our privacy and freedoms, I have come to believe that he should have been the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize.

WILLIAM L. COOK Leo-Cedarville