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Letters to the editor

Hard workers deserve a break

There are, I’m sure, many citizens who have grown tired (as have I) of the fighting in Washington. I think it’s time to give those guys a break.

Those opposed to allowing the Affordable Care Act are keeping their standards and principles intact.

I think that we, the voters, need to guarantee the tea party and Republican Party get a break from what must be a difficult struggle of conscience. I think that the battle of standing up for what you believe in is a struggle that no man or woman, as an elected official, should have to face every waking minute of the day. You can see the distressed looks on the faces of the members of Congress, knowing that they will be responsible for the economic travesty that “standing their ground” will cause in the coming days.

Let’s give them a break. I for one will never forget this. In the next few years I will do everything in my power to help give them a break. I will campaign fervently for their opportunity to be free of this responsibility in all state and federal elections. I will help to generate votes against them and any of their party members to give them the break that they so obviously need.

J.L. OETTING Fort Wayne

No money for congressional pay

Thanks to all of you in Congress who didn’t take all or some part of your normal pay.

If you deferred your salary, you are just kicking the can down the road, despite your good intentions.

Giving your paycheck to charity, no matter how worthy, is just plain unethical.

This money does not exist. If we had it, we would have paid the people who were furloughed.


Stutzman treachery has biblical parallel

A biblical story is told in the 17th Chapter of Luke regarding a rich man dressed in fine purple who feasted sumptuously and a poor beggar named Lazarus at his gate. The beggar sustained himself with the crumbs that fell from the rich man’s table.

According to the story, Lazarus died and was transported to the heavenly realm. The rich man also died and was transported to Hades.

This parable reinforces an unmistakable message that winds its way through both the Old and New testaments. We are charged with caring for, and protecting, the poor and needy among us – not because it’s a nice idea but because the creator demands it.

If he even owns a Bible, this message is completely lost on Rep. Marlin Stutzman. In a gesture of unfathomable arrogance, Stutzman led the push to remove food stamps from federal funding. The results will be grim indeed. With more than 46 million Americans living in poverty and at least a third of these children, it is not unrealistic to assume that Stutzman’s treachery will greatly increase the number of hungry/starving kids in our land.

Added to such treachery is Stutzman’s gross hypocrisy. In 2012, farmer Stutzman received between $5,000 and $15,000 in federal agricultural aid (the exact amount is not available on the government website). And, between 1997 and 2012, Stutzman received $196,264 in federal commodity subsidies.

It appears Stutzman is acting out the parable of the rich man and Lazarus on a grand scale. What he is doing in our name is a moral obscenity. The pressing question now is this: As he paves his own way into the fires of Hades, will this ruthless power broker also take our entire country with him?


Israeli patriot has paradigm for peace

On Sept. 19 I greatly enjoyed the Beyond Zionism presentation by Miko Peled at the Allen County Public Library. I had watched the video of his book and looked forward to seeing him in person.

I was shocked to read the letter by local Jewish leaders that described a “hate-filled diatribe.” It was nothing of the sort. Peled showed that maps of what is now called Israel were labeled Palestine before 1948.

Peled has a unique perspective as the title of his book, “The General’s Son,” suggests. Israeli generals were instrumental in expanding control in Israel beyond the borders established by the United Nations.

Peled is an activist who feels the urgency to solve the demographic dilemma that Israel will face when Arabs outnumber Jews. Peled is a patriot who wants peace and freedom for everyone involved.

I appreciated the moral bravery of Peled and the Indiana Center for Middle East Peace in presenting a solution to a conflict that has gone unresolved for far too long.

I am saddened that so many local Jewish leaders don’t understand the importance of seeking solutions. I have hope that their opinions do not represent a consensus because Jewish Voice for Peace was a co-sponsor of Peled’s presentation. It is unwise to label people “haters” simply because they represent a new paradigm.

The veracity of his presentation can be easily verified by the sources in his book.

Conflict resolution requires people who are brave and informed enough to become activists for positive change and a stable, sustainable future.

TIM TIERNON Fort Wayne for Peace