Political Notebook


Maybe they're just full of beans

The Allen County Republican Party’s annual Bean Dinner is supposed to be a big deal, ranking up there with its annual Lincoln Dinner. So when Fort Wayne City Clerk Sandy Kennedy and several Republican City Council members were chatting before Tuesday’s meeting, she was surprised by their reactions to her question asking if, since the Bean Dinner was that evening, they could expect a short meeting so members could get to the event on time.

Council President Tom Didier: “Noooooo…”

Member Tom Smith, R-1st: “I’m not worried about it.”

And then the conversation took a different turn when it became clear some of the luster had come off the event when keynote speaker U.S. Sen. Dan Coats, R-Indiana, had pulled out due to last-minute government shut down negotiations and Kennedy jokingly asked Didier if he would be filling in for Coats.

“Hmmm,” Didier responded. “Sen. Didier does have a nice ring to it…”