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  • Misleading numbers no basis for campaign
    Beverly Zuber, the Wayne Township assessor, has always encouraged her staff to take an active role in educating the public by thoroughly explaining the process to taxpayers who visit our office, speaking at neighborhood association
  • St. John’s committee tackles Ebola relief effort
    The Oct. 12 Journal Gazette article regarding our efforts to evoke a response from Fort Wayne to the Ebola crisis in Western Africa is most appreciated. However, the article read like the fundraiser was a personal activity.
  • Goliath can be laid low in 3rd District race
    Goliath was a giant with heavy armor. David was young with five stones. Most believed Goliath would win the fight, but David did.

Letters: Shutdown, etc.


March on D.C. needed to shake up politicians

Yes, Obamacare is the law of the land, but do people remember how it cam about? Remember all the sweet deals that were made just to Democrats to get it passed? It has been one party’s idea to pass this, and they are still doing all. We have a huge mess as nobody wants to just sit down and talk about it.

This country is broke, and all our Congress wants to do is to just keep on spending money. Both parties are guilty. The only way it will change is if we vote out all the incumbents.

It was never set up for politicians to be full-time employees. Check back in history and you will find that they went home and worked instead of living in Washington and doing nothing for at least nine months out of the year but travel and raise funds to get re-elected.

Maybe we need to march to Washington and show them we mean business. Is the time right now?


Obamacare rollout start of a disaster

The first days of Obamacare are upon us. The vast majority of Americans now or will soon recognize the profusion of problems with this 20,000+ page monstrosity. The administration is begging young people to jump on the bandwagon (bearing much of the financial burden) and sign up for coverage. But the president’s words and actions in the past months have turned off the very groups that put him in office for a second term. He has even managed to alienate the union supporters.

As this law now stands, I predict that within the next year the American people will have suffered so horribly from Obamacare’s drastic increase in insurance costs, invasion of our privacy, contradictory rules, excessive taxes, unjustified fines, and loss of their chosen doctors and health providers, they will rise up en masse and demand Congress stop our suffering. Maybe even demand term limits.

Or, to stop the misery for American citizens, Congress will wisely override Barack Obama’s numerous exemptions for the likes of big business, selected educator and labor groups, members of Congress and White House staff. Let them utilize the “outstanding” benefits (Obama’s words) of his “affordable” health care law – just like we in the president’s middle and lower classes will be forced to do.


Thugocracy will face its reckoning in 2014

President Barack Obama flaunts his revolutionary politics and his tough-minded tactics as he challenges conservatives to put aside the politics of confrontation in favor of bipartisan cooperation and civil discourse.

The truth is that civil discourse is being urged to make the president look good by silencing the opposition. Civility now means it is politically incorrect to enumerate the president’s errors of judgment, improper to discuss his deliberate lies, un-American to hold him accountable for much of anything.

What a crock! The crooks, cronies, and communists crowded into Washington want to be power brokers in a new thugocracy that rules on its own terms and in its own interests. Deception and disinformation are standard operating procedures for these radicals.

“Putting aside politics of confrontation” is the call for Americans to take these liars at their word, to comply without protest, to obey those who prod us down the chute of state socialism, redistribution, overregulation and unsustainable debt.

Fortunately, many Americans are constitutionally incapable of being civil to liars and bullies. We tend, rather, to root them out as soon and as completely as our democratic procedures will allow. If you don’t believe me, watch the November midterms.


Expand Medicare to end need for Obamacare

What would you say to a health care system that was considerably cheaper than Obamacare, that required no new bureaucracy and provided universal coverage? What if it were also a boon to business by completely freeing employers from the burden of providing any health care at all? And what if it relieved hospitals of the need to overcharge to make up for unreimbursed indigent care, thereby actually lowering medical bills?

Expanding Medicare to all citizens would accomplish all of the above.

Yes, taxes would be higher – but not by as much as would be saved by eliminating current insurance premiums. While Medicare is currently expensive and hugely underfunded, it is still far more efficient and cheaper than any other insurance (as documented by the March 4 issue of Time magazine).

And the two biggest contributors to Medicare’s high costs could be greatly reduced very quickly. First, the massive fraud in the system is rarely ever investigated or prosecuted. Putting serious money into fighting this fraud would likely provide a 100-to-1 return on the investment, saving billions currently being stolen. Second, Medicare currently only covers the elderly – by far the most expensive demographic. By expanding it to the entire population, the per capita cost would drop like a rock.

Those opposed to Obamacare need to support an alternative rather than merely complaining. I challenge you to come up with a better idea.


Tea party logic ignores facts on Constitution

I see that the tea party Republicans are trying to justify their government shutdown with another half truth to misinform the low-information public by pointing out that the Constitution says that all spending bills must originate in the House. Of course, they leave out that the Constitution does not authorize the House to dictate what those spending limits should be to the rest of the government. All spending bills that do originate in the House must also be approved by both the Senate and the president before they become official policy for the country.

The present tea party contingent in the House, including our representative, Marlin Stutzman, wishes to reinterpret the Constitution to mean that the House has the authority to dictate, through extortion of collapsing both the government and the economy of all people, to force its extreme ideology on all people. This disregards election results that, except in certain states that vote Republican traditionally and certain districts in some states where the politicians chose the voters instead of the voters choosing which politician they preferred, rejected their extreme agenda. In their interpretation of the Constitution both the Senate and the president must accept whatever harebrained concepts the House puts forth. They deny completely or misunderstand that the legislating component of the government was divided into three parts that had to agree with those concepts or could disagree with what the House offered, rejecting it specifically to avoid this kind of tyranny from being able to enact ideological policy that would bring harm to the country as a whole.

But as Stutzman stated in an unguarded moment, lest we be disrespected for our unconstitutional act of extortion, there must be something given up to justify the harm we do.


Do nation a favor: Replace Stutzman

Having formerly lived in Fort Wayne for many years, I know there are many people far more qualified to represent the 3rd District than Marlin Stutzman, people with the right idea of public service and civics, people who understand that 18 percent does not constitute a majority, that universal health care actually benefits those who don’t have to underwrite the medical costs of the uninsured, that one major illness leads to financial catastrophe, wiping out a lifetime of asset accumulation. The 2014 election is just 13 months away. Please find someone to replace Stutzman, not just for your own good, but the country’s.

JAY MARGOLIS Boynton Beach, Fla.