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  • Expanded ASH Centre a wide-ranging Legacy
    Every year now, 2,000 kids participate in the World Baseball Academy’s Hoosier Classic amateur youth baseball tournaments in the heart of our city.
  • Smith's special insights will be greatly missed
    Ben Smith possessed a unique ability to write about sports. The emphasis was always on the human, never on numbers. He recently thanked the Inskeeps (Richard and Julie) for “putting up” with him for 38 years.
  • Help available to break deadly nicotine addiction
    On Aug. 6, the American Cancer Society released a study that shows just how addicting nicotine is. They studied 3,000 cancer survivors and their long-term dependency on tobacco.


Drivers, cyclists, walkers all benefit from courtesy

This is in response to Roger Lindley’s Sept. 18 letter regarding bicyclists following the rules of the roads.

I would like to point out that many drivers don’t follow the rules of the road as well. Many bicyclists, including myself, have to travel on the main roads to get to any of the trails. More often than not, drivers don’t pay attention to us. For example, there’s supposed to be a 3-foot clearance between driver and bicyclist – I think it should be at least 5 feet. Drivers don’t bother to slow down when passing bicyclists, and that’s dangerous.

While I’m on the subject: How about walkers on the trails who are wearing headphones? It’s very difficult to be heard by a bicyclist – “Passing on your left!” – when one has headphones. If one needs to wear headphones, how about just having it in one ear?

I’ve come across many courteous drivers, and I personally thank them for the common sense and courtesy shown to bicyclists. Walkers, bicyclists, and drivers are all on the road for various reasons – let’s show respect for everyone and follow the common sense rules of the roads.

KIM DRAKE Fort Wayne

Only teamwork can stop nation’s continued slide

The United States is becoming more and more disappointing. How? In horrendous ways that could be avoided.

Many people blame the politicians, as do I often times. It is true that egos and extreme party loyalty have forced ridiculous situations numerous times in just the past year. However, it is true that no one seems to want to do anything to change.

There are things ruining this country and no one, absolutely no one, wants to step in and lead the charge to fix it. So many people argue and argue, and no one is willing to compromise. That is the only way to fix things. Work together; we are in fact on the same team.

Once we realize that as a nation and put this nonsense behind us, we then have a chance at restoring greatness to this country, but it starts at the local level of government and stems from there.

Make a change; don’t make excuses. Be the change, not the problem.


Satellites baseball team enjoyed amazing run

I enjoyed reading about Beep baseball (Sept. 18).

The story brought back some fond memories of the Fort Wayne Satellites blind team. It truly is a great game and a perfect way for blind athletes to show their abilities and talent. The Fort Wayne players were so gifted without their sight that I often wondered how good they would have been with a set of good eyes. I actually witnessed a fly ball caught in one of our tournament games (Just stop and think about that).

Thanks to volunteers such as Harry Neville, the Satellites manager, we were able to play for 10 years in various leagues and out-of-state tournaments.

I was fortunate enough to be the pitcher/coach of this awesome team. Where have they all disappeared to – David, Tad, Julie, Gary and Fred, just to name a few?

JIM JOHNSON Huntington