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    Indiana’s historic year reason to be grateful In America’s first Thanksgiving Proclamation in 1789, George Washington expressed thanks for “the peaceable and
  • EPA proposal threatens energy, economic futures
    Indiana's environment is cleaner than it's been in our lifetimes. But such substantial progress here and in other parts of the country is not enough for the Environmental Protection Agency.
  • Ruling elite yet again subverts public's will
    It didn't take them long to figure out a way to get around our “no” vote on the referendum, did it? They are going to appoint a committee, just like Gov.


Coulter speech reveals hate-filled motivations

Fort Wayne was recently treated to the musings of Ann Coulter. She was lauded as a right-wing media darling whose command of facts lured 700 people to the Grand Wayne Center. What was reported was a racist, opinion-based, factless speech.

Her rant included baseless humor on the environment, the borrowing from China (that failed to point out that deficits were run up during Republican administrations and not Democratic), a sad racist comment on gun control comparing President Barack Obama skeet shooting to a black man holding a gun. Her opposition to immigration was compared to Notre Dame Football? I am sure our Hispanic friends understood the humor in this joke.

What is truly sad is that 700 people paid hard-earned money to listen to this from a person who truly has hate in her heart. Her supposed facts are constantly being debunked.


HIP extension leaves too many coverage gaps

Since passage of the Affordable Care Act, there has been resistance, excitement and questions. Recently, with the announcement that Gov. Mike Pence received approval to extend Indiana’s Healthy Indiana Plan, I began to question at a new level the motives, lack of credible information and health neglect brought upon the citizens of Indiana.

The Pence administration and supporters tout this as a victory for Hoosiers. They note the “buy-in” factor of the plan because those enrolled pay 2 percent to 5 percent of their income toward the plan.

You have to be eligible and enrolled in HIP. Eligibility of HIP is not guaranteed, you must be employed. There is a limit to how many individuals can be enrolled in this plan, and you must have been uninsured for six months.

I understand the financial aspect of buy-in, but question its relevance to this argument. The real buy-in is to each individual’s health. When an individual has access to preventive, responsive and comprehensive care, the community’s buy-in is the acknowledgement of human capital.

Extending HIP and denying the extension of Medicaid to Indiana Hoosiers will continue to leave about 330,000 Hoosiers uninsured. That’s a large amount of human capital, a large amount of responsibility, and I am willing to buy in to that.

KRIS WISE Fort Wayne

Congress’ neglect emboldens terrorists

In his Sept. 10 letter, Thomas Utley questions the burden on employers to verify the legal status of job applicants and employees.

To him I say, why should the citizenry enforce any law, much less one that is specifically enumerated in the Constitution? Specifically, that it is the duty of Congress to provide for border security and to regulate immigration.

What other constitutional mandates to government does Utley believe the citizenry should be enforcing?

Let us all remember that we are paying the government to serve us, not the other way around.

It is thinking like Utley’s that has led us to this day where our country is overrun with illegal aliens who just might be the next Sept. 11 terrorists or Boston Marathon bombers.

P.T. SCHRAM Churubusco