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    ‘Greatest nation’ isshallow in showing itSo often I see what appear at first glance to be demonstrations of my fellow citizens’ pride in America.
  • Drivers inconsiderate of funeral processions
    I want to discuss proper funeral procession etiquette. I was leaving a funeral on Oct. 3, traveling down West Jefferson Boulevard to Covington Road.
  • Sign theft constitutes unneighborly act
    We always thought of Fort Wayne as a town that could pride itself on being neighborly. Being a good neighbor means caring about others.


Careless bicyclists add to danger on roads

You wouldn’t drive your car on the wrong side of the road, so why are bicyclists and pedestrians often on the wrong side of the road? It is basic; you bike on the right side of the road (with traffic) and walk on the left side (facing traffic). How hard is that?

It is like someone taught all the kids in our neighborhood the same wrong thing. They go back and forth across the street and often get stuck on the wrong side or get split up and now you’ve got bikes on both sides going the same direction.

If everyone would adhere to the correct procedure, then motor vehicles could get used to bikes being where they are supposed to be and give them three feet clearance while passing a bike.


‘Boobie’ bracelets boost immaturity, not cancer

The word “boobies” is not an appropriate word to begin with. The disease is “breast” cancer, not “boobie” cancer. Those of you astronomically few people out there who are blessed with mature children, just know this: You are the exception.

There is testicular cancer; should the kids be allowed to wear, “I (heart) balls” bracelets to school? How about anal cancer? Should we support penile cancer by bracelets?

The majority of kids are immature, period. Wearing those bracelets to school does cause a distraction, whether you want to admit it or not. You’re just looking for a cause to fight the establishment. Gimme a break!


Is airstrike preferable to cyberwar in Syria?

I am at an age that I think it irresponsible to write my congressman about how to vote on the Syrian question; younger Americans are going to bear the consequences of anything we do – or do not do. I do have some thoughts the situation, however.

They Syrian government will do anything to win. The chief actors will face charges bringing them before the World Court at The Hague. No country can guarantee them safe haven.

We have a foreign “tribe” that will do anything to bring our American government down; we have a domestic “tribe” that will try whatever to bring this government down. And I am against tribalism.

There is a huge need to support Syrian refugees, and the number will probably keep growing. Inevitability, there will be a bill offered in Congress to address that; this will be reflected in the debate on the budget coming up and doubtless reveal something about a congressperson’s vote on authorizing the president to act.

I will offer a hunch about the Syrian government’s anxious preparations. Some members prefer our president authorizing any sort of limited military action rather than turning our intelligence folks loose to play undercover fun and games with the country’s communication systems.


Every president deserves his vacation

In response to the Sept. 5 letter from Bruce Cynar (“Obama’s priorities are misplaced”): It is obvious that Cynar did not observe the vacations of George W. Bush’s presidency (the vacation king: He was on vacation all the time). And who could forget the duck hunting vacations of Dick Cheney?

The presidency is the most stressful job in he world, so these people deserve a vacation. I dare say that even Cynar takes vacations.

Bad-mouthing Barack Obama was off the wall.