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Media gone wild

Not for the first time (and surely not for the last), I've run smack up against the I Don't Get It Zone, which is like the Twilight Zone except for the fact that I frequently find myself its lone occupant.

Turned the radio on this a.m., and here's Colin Cowherd, foaming at the mouth (something he does fairly regularly) over Johnny Manziel, aka Johnny Football, aka Mr. Heisman Trophy winner, showing up at a frat party at the University of Texas.

An Aggie in Austin! Oh, the horror!

"He's killing his draft status!" Cowherd wailed.

He is, it seems, not alone in this sentiment. And as I once again take the contrarian stance, my only solace is that I'm not alone this time, either.

Lots of other media types, it seems, are thinking what I'm thinking, which is that Colin and his ilk need to be sedated before they hurt themselves. Because for the life of me, I don't see why all these exclamation points have grown up around this incident.

Here's the deal: It seems Manziel turned up at a frat party last weekend at rival Texas, then turned up the next night at another social function at UT. He didn't get stupid drunk. He didn't get in a fight. He didn't get arrested for sexually harassing some UT coed.

Nope. All he was doing was hanging out at a party, like a million other college kids before him. And if he was seemingly committing a serious faux pas because it was at Texas ... well, if you think this is either the first or last time an athlete went to a party at a rival school, you have led a sheltered life indeed.

But because it's Johnny Football, and because he has, in the past, unquestionably behaved stupidly, it became a thing. And it shouldn't be. And to suggest it will somehow jeopardize his draft status is going so far off the rails you can't even see the rails anymore.

Look. If I were an NFL owner, and Manziel turns out to be the best QB prospect of his generation (he won't, but we're being hypothetical here), and my GM says "Oh my God! He went to a party at UT! We can't draft him!", I do one of two things.

1. Fire my GM immediately, or

2. Have him committed.

Yeesh, people. Getteth thou a grip.

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