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     Income inequality slowingour land of opportunityWe have heard a lot recently about the income and wealth gap. Why should we be concerned?
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      Weigh all the implicationsof overhauling tax code Several lawmakers have proposed reforms that broaden the tax base and lower tax rates by removing a
  • Letters
     Weigh all the implicationsof overhauling tax codeSeveral lawmakers have proposed reforms that broaden the tax base and lower tax rates by removing a combination of incentives or provisions.


Hospital priorities wrong with closing Beacon pool

Recently, Parkview Hospital on Randallia Drive announced it was making a new entrance, new courtyard, park and sign and this was costing $3.2 million.

Hospital officials said they were doing this to better serve the community that they have served for the past 60 years. All this was going to be completed by December.

If in fact they are really so interested in serving the community as they say, then why did they close the pool on Beacon Street that served so many seniors, people with handicaps and the heart patients who used it.

The pool needed repairs and updates, but some people felt it was not worth looking into or putting money into the repairs.

How long would it have taken to fix the pool for the seniors and people with disabilities so they could improve their health? I am sure the cost would not have been anywhere near $3.2 million.

SUE BECK Fort Wayne

Department of Energy a waste of good money

The Associated Press reports Terre Haute has less than $41,000 in reserves and is borrowing to pay its bills. Too bad it cannot reclaim the $6.1 million that is the annual Terre Haute share of the $30 billion budget of the Department of Energy.

And what has Terre Haute gained from the 120,000 direct or contracted employees of the DOE? Well, in 2011, they did receive a $700,000 grant for traffic lights.

After 25 years, has the DOE found ways to make drilling and transporting oil safer? Lowered the cost of electricity, heat or gasoline?

Only when we return government to its basic function of protection of life, liberty and private property will we end the disgusting practices of politicians and needless government agencies.

RON GORE Covington

Health care doing plenty to gain public’s distrust

I think it is time we take a good hard look at some of the reasons that the general public seems to be losing its trust and confidence in the American health care system.

Let us start with a news story about how suddenly women all over the world have been terrorized into paying $4,000 for a questionable test to find out whether they might have a mutation of a certain gene so they can undergo a double mastectomy like actress Angelina Jolie as a cancer preventive

But what about the many other types of cancers out there, do you just keep removing the different parts of the body that seem to be threatened?

I think the approach to helping people with any kind of illness is off key. Today they tell us we should be eating more fresh fruits and vegetables but they do not inform the people of the many foods that can cause disease.

Another reason to not trust the system is the way that Monsanto is fighting the labeling of genetically modified food. Eating GMO food can be harmful to your health.

If we are to regain the trust and confidence of the people in the American health care system, we are going to have to shift our treatment of cancer and other degenerative diseases by treating the causes more and treating the symptoms far less.

ROGER S. WILSON Director Alternative Communications Celina, Ohio