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    Deregulated capitalism disaster for lower classes What you read in the funny papers sometimes isn’t funny.
  • Obama presidency hangs on single, long step
    Anyone with a respect for history knows that sometimes the greatest events pivot on a single man and decision at a critical moment. Now is that moment. Is President Barack Obama the man?
  • Veterans deserve more public support
    I am writing to let people know about the turnout for the Veterans Day parade Nov. 8. It was cold, windy and with a drop or two of rain, but the vets were still there. I was so moved by all who participated.


Illegal-alien amnesty contrary to our ideals

After reading Eugene Robinson’s column of July 3 (“Senate bill is Boehner’s best hope”), I’ll repeat the sentence that blows my mind: “And there are others, of course, who oppose any sort of amnesty for the undocumented, much less a path to citizenship.” He finds that view mystifying.

I, for one, hold that view. I think immigration is more than crawling over a fence by 11 million illegal aliens from all over the world.

My forefathers came through the front door and applied for citizenship and became proud Americans, period.

To make citizens by amnesty out of these 11 million illegal aliens is contrary to the republic for which we stand.

To close the border, I would suggest that parts of that border be made a proving ground for live army ammunition with unannounced testing done on a 24-hour basis.

America needs our help. Regardless of your political party, your first obligation is to Uncle Sam. Demand the laws already on the books be enforced. Use the front door only and become proud Americans.


Lax fireworks laws make holiday one to dread

I wonder how many others dread the July 4th holiday. For the last three days we have been subjected to a constant din. BANG! BANG! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! No matter that it’s illegal after midnight on the Fourth and 11 p.m. other days; it goes on and on continuously for up to five hours. If we are lucky, it’ll rain tonight so we can have some peace and quiet.

If Hoosiers were allowed a vote, the current fireworks law would be repealed. Of course that will never happen; too many people are being paid off.


All-boys charter school has successful debut

The Smith Academy for Excellence is an all-boys charter school committed to developing scholars holistically through a strong academic curriculum as well as character education and service learning opportunities. Its first year was very successful. The school served young men in grades six through nine in the first year of operation, located downtown at St. John’s church on West Washington Boulevard. Next year it will serve young men in grades four through 10. SAFE will expand grade levels lower/higher each year until it is a K-12 school.

SAFE is committed to teaching boys in a way that meets their specific needs. Physically, boys’ brains develop in different ways than those of girls. Research has shown that single-gender schools provide an atmosphere supporting greater success of the student. According to the National Association for Single Sex Public Education, “the most profound difference between girls and boys is not in any brain structure per se, but rather in the sequence of development of the various brain regions.” Based on this research, SAFE’s curriculum and teaching strategies are designed to develop young men into lifelong leaders.

SAFE was founded by Thomas Smith and his sons, Corey and Cameron. Combined, they have 50 years of experience as educators. The first year was very successful and the faculty and staff are looking forward to the next year.

HANS N. SHERIDAN SAFE board president