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Web letter by A.J. Walker: Gays’ time for equal rights has arrived

I have heard Christians saying that marriage is a gift from “God” as a sacred institution, one that needs protected. If it is so sacred, why is the divorce rate around the 50 percent mark? Haven’t you then broken your vows to your husband/wife and to your “God”? If it is a gift from God, why is it that marriage has been around long before the Christian religions were created? Are atheists allowed to get married? Are agnostics? Pagans?

Let’s face it, the country and the world are changing, as they have before and will inevitably do again. Doesn’t it say in the Declaration of Independence that “all men are created equal”? Isn’t this supposed to be the land of opportunity? And yet, there are those among us like some Christians, Republicans, etc., who would strip away our civil rights. If marriage is so sacred and a gift from “God,” a “sacrament,” don’t they think they should live up to their own standards? Doesn’t the LGBT community have just as much of a right to ruin their lives as heterosexuals do? We should be united, not divided. Aren’t there more important things to worry about?

I applaud the Supreme Court and the states that have already struck down the bigotry that the rest of the states hold so firmly onto. Yes, bigotry. It’s not a pleasant word, but it explains perfectly “someone who, as a result of their prejudices, treats other people with hatred, contempt, and intolerance.”

No one chooses to be gay or straight. No one chooses to be black or white. No one chooses to be born male or female. We went through segregation, and our country is still strong. There was also the women’s rights movement. It is our turn. It is our turn to stand up against those who would tear us down.

I am for gay marriage, unions, whatever it is you want to call it. Does it have to be labeled “marriage”? No. But we all deserve a right to be officially and legally committed to the ones we love. Keep your word “marriage”; I couldn’t care less. But it’s time we all let go of the stigma, drop the bigotry and stand together. It will happen; the winds of change are already in play. Let’s all work together to build a better tomorrow, instead of working against each other in the name of “God.”

I doubt this letter will make much of a difference to those who are against gay marriage. But I hope, in some respect, it will open their eyes, even at the smallest measurement. I am one voice. But, believe me, there are millions of other voices that are eager to be heard.

And we will be heard.


Fort Wayne