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Saturday, July 06, 2013 6:10 pm

Tagliani and Dixon go head-to-head for charity

The Associated Press

Scott Dixon and Alex Tagliani are going head-to-head for charity.

They're going online to raise money for charity in a contest called the "Power of 2 - Indy Edition."

Tagliani, is supporting Anaphylaxis Canada, while Dixon, a New Zealand native, is supporting two groups that focus on young people living with cancer, CanTeen (NZ) and Teens Living with Cancer (US).

"I've been a strong supporter and spokesperson for both CanTeen and Teens Living with Cancer because I feel this age group often gets overlooked," Dixon said. "Often times, people immediately think of either helping children or adults, but teenagers are going through a lot to begin with at this stage in their lives. It's one of the most difficult stages of your life - even without the added difficulties of fighting cancer."

Fans can donate at

But there's a catch: The loser has to perform an embarrassing public stunt.

The loser will get into costume and ride around the grounds of the Indiana State Fair on a tricycle. Tagliani would ride in a beaver costume, representative of Canada. Scott would take a ride in a sheep costume, which roam the hills of New Zealand.

Fans are eligible to win autographs or a call from the drivers each time they donate to the campaign.

They can learn more about the various causes at websites:;; and