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    CHEERS to the kind person who left the very generous gift on our pumpkin wagon the morning of Oct. 18. Your kindness is greatly appreciated.
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    Deregulated capitalism disaster for lower classes What you read in the funny papers sometimes isn’t funny.
  • Obama presidency hangs on single, long step
    Anyone with a respect for history knows that sometimes the greatest events pivot on a single man and decision at a critical moment. Now is that moment. Is President Barack Obama the man?


Single-payer system designed for moochers

On June 24, The Journal Gazette printed a letter in which the author joined in the clamor for a single-payer medical payment system in America. Who is the single payer referred to by this contributor and where does this single payer get the money?

Why don’t we call it what it really is: a 50-million payer system for a whole lot of moochers.

TERRY L. SMITH Columbia City

Republicans awakening to immigration realities

A June 20 letter written by Warren Mead suggested a tax on “illegal” aliens as a part of the path to citizenship. Apparently Mead’s concept of what these aliens already pay is funneled through the thin conduit of Fox News. Mead does not realize that fully three-fourths of the aliens present in this country are already paying income tax and FICA through the payroll deductions where they work. They have no choice, like the rest of us. Additionally, those workers using fake Social Security numbers are disallowed from benefiting from Social Security programs because their cards have fake numbers, and they cannot qualify.

The American taxation system is never used as a means of applying punishment, although many of us may feel otherwise. To start using a tax as punishment opens a door on a very slippery slope.

As regards legality or illegality, in the year 1500, the native Americans occupying this country never granted citizenship to the hordes invading the Americas from Europe, so in a way we are all illegal.

Finally, Congress will pass a law allowing most of the aliens already present in this country to gain citizenship. At present the only sticking point is enhanced border security in exchange for this legislation. Republicans have finally realized that exclusion of the new, non-white majority is a leading cause for their inability to win an election. Even a curmudgeon like Sen. John McCain has admitted that.


Handgun sufficient for self-defense

The statement that guns do not kill people is nonsense. Anyone who can kill innocent people is, of course, unstable. But he becomes violent and dangerous when a gun is placed in his hands. With a knife, he could kill one or two before getting apprehended. With a gun, he can destroy so many more lives.

For self-protection a person needs only a small handgun. Please do the right thing.


City’s darkened skyline courteous consideration

I am a recent transplant to Fort Wayne by way of Indianapolis. On a recent evening out downtown with friends, I noticed how dark Fort Wayne’s skyline is at night. The most prominent buildings are almost completely unlit, and I appreciate that. Not only is the city saving much in terms of energy consumption, it is cutting light pollution and preventing migrating birds from slamming into windows. This stands in sharp contrast to Indianapolis. I would like to share my praise for Fort Wayne thinking about the consequences of actions that go unnoticed in other places.