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When it’s time to pick a president, talk to the hand

Since the elder George Bush was elected, every president has been a graduate of Yale or Harvard.

Perhaps instead of simply assuming someone is smart enough to run the country, we should make him or her take an IQ test.

Even this may not be enough. That’s because we have some new research to worry about. Four out of five of our most recent presidents have been left-handed. Only George W. Bush was a true right hander. Ronald Reagan was left-hand dominant.

The authoritative periodical Neuropsychologia says left-handed people have more mental problems than those of us who are right-handed.

They point out that 20 percent of schizophrenics are left-handed even though only 10 percent of people are lefties.

If you’re a lefty, it isn’t your fault. Doctors say they think stress in the womb may be a leading cause. Others believe that because the world is made for right-handers, left-handers are under constant mental stress.

You may say you remember seeing pictures of Reagan signing papers with his right hand. But he always said his school teachers forced him to switch to writing with his right hand when he was a kid. Take a look at his old movies, when he played a cowboy; Reagan always wore his gun on his left hip.

You can’t ask for more proof than that.

Let’s put him in the ambidextrous column along with President James Garfield (also not an Ivy Leaguer), who we’re told could write Latin with his right hand and Greek with his left – simultaneously.

For the presidential election year of 2016, this is your first warning.

Truman Taylor wrote this for Scripps Howard News Service.